March 6 2015 #FitReaders Check-In

Posted March 6, 2015 by Tanya in Challenges, FitReaders / 2 Comments


Goals Results
Average Weekly Step Goal (4500) 4750
Average Percentage of Calories Burned N/A

Another good week for me. Honestly I was a little surprised I made it. I felt like I gave into that internal voice a lot that filled my head with excuses, but I guess I fought it better than I thought! I pushed a little harder yesterday and maybe that helped to up the number. Whatever it was, I’m excited!

I did not do so well on the tracking of my food again this week. Fitbit says I was at 61%, but that is far from accurate. I find it so hard when I can’t just scan the barcode and have it add to my log. I guess I’m lazy like that. I’m really debating the whole protein shake in the morning as it is adding to my calories, but not really doing much for my appetite. It also makes my mouth feel gross, so I may not continue that.

I still haven’t lost any weight. In fact I think I’ve gained about 3lbs. I’m blaming the darn protein shakes. Or my daughter’s great cooking. Whichever. Maybe too much sugar, even if it is the fruit. Honestly, I can’t find anything else I like to snack on. I need to do more research.

How was everyone else’s week? Was it a hard one with the bad weather?