Feb 20 2015 #FitReaders Check-In

Posted February 20, 2015 by Tanya in Challenges, FitReaders / 2 Comments


Goals Results
Average Weekly Step Goal (4500) 4816
Average Percentage of Calories Burned N/A

I did it! I reached my weekly step average goal! It was not so much that I exercised more, it was more like I walked for longer periods when I did. Still, I’m getting most of my exercise on the weekend. I had a lot of after work errands this week, which did add up to some extra steps, but I didn’t get any exercise focused time.

I slapped an “N/A” on my calories burned as I was terrible at tracking my food this week. I started drinking a protein shake in the morning, before my coffee, which has, to my dismay, made me even hungrier mid-morning. Then, I keep forgetting to take my fruit with me for snacks, and so I end up eating a lot of rice pudding. Not sure what I’m going to snack on today as my rice pudding is gone. I started back to logging yesterday, which was a really bad idea. It was my birthday and we not only ate out, but I had an awesome cake I had to have a piece of.


Next week I will keep the step goal the same and try beating it a couple of times before moving it up and tracking my food better. Those are my goals. How did you do this week?