January 23 2015 #FitReaders Check-in

Posted January 23, 2015 by Tanya in Challenges / 2 Comments


Goals Results
Average Weekly Step Goal (4500) 3915
Average Percentage of Calories Burned 66%

Not much better than last week. I find I do so well on the weekends, but the projects at work are killing me. I know the exercise would probably be a stress reliever I just need to get over both my fear of walking alone in the dark and that overwhelming sense of exhaustion after dealing with work issues. Also, the stress snacking urge is like when I quit smoking. I know I should do more veggies than fruit but I am addicted to great amounts of canteloupe and kiwi in the morning. The afternoons are my weak point and I will eat whatever I can get my hands on. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it was like small portions, but it is like a binge. Definitely something I need to work on.

So, not the greatest week, but I have not given up, despite my temptation to do so. You guys all keep up the amazing progress you are all making. Your activities sound like so much fun. Although that ab challenge I see a few of you are doing sounds worse than the squat challenge going around awhile ago! Have a great week everyone!