Mar 27 2015 #FitReaders Check-In

Posted March 27, 2015 by Tanya in Challenges, FitReaders / 6 Comments


Goals Results
Average Daily Step Goal (4500) 4765
Average Percentage of Calories Burned 63%

I made my average daily step goal this week and I’m really happy about it! The weather was great and I found I get a lot my steps walking around my neighborhood than I do on the treadmill. On the treadmill I see that 30 min mark and just sort of give up. I can’t do that outside, or I wouldn’t make it home! I don’t know why I don’t push myself a little more on the treadmill. I just sort of have some kind of mind block. I hope I get over it before summer though. There is no way I’ll be able to walk out there in the heat. My poor pugs had a horrible time with me this week so I ended up only taking one last night. Ernie seems to be able to handle the heat a little better.

I hope everyone else had a great week! I feel really good about mine and I hope you do too!