January 2015 #FitReaders Signup and Check-In For Jan 9

Posted January 10, 2015 by Tanya in FitReaders / 1 Comment


Well, readers. I thought I had done a sign up post for this, but apparently I didn’t, so I’m going to declare my participation today for January. A few years ago, I had lost nearly 75 pounds. Now, the last couple of years, those pounds have come back with a vengeance. So much faster than I lost it. It is frustrating because now I know how much work I’m going to need to do to get back to that. It is hard to get motivated when you know how hard something is going to be. I have become so embarrassed that I no longer go out and participate in things. It is hard when even doing little things makes you out of breath and tired.

This has all prompted me to join Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog & That’s What I’m Talking About in their #FitReaders challenge.

My goals are to not only lose weight, but to feel healthier. To be able to do simple, everyday things without feeling so winded and exhausted afterwards.

I have not looked at a scale this month with the exception of one time, to get my weight for my Fit Bit dashboard. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I think I only achieved my step goal once this week (starting out at 5000), but have averaged 3595 in the last 7 days. As of today, I have gone one week without my energy drinks. I am onto iced coffee, which has tons more calories, but I think the lack of carbonation has made a big difference for me. I’m also tracking my food in my Fit Bit dashboard. I LOVE their database of foods! Plus, the barcode scanner thingy. Makes tracking so much easier.

My goals for this week are to get to an average 7 day step goal of 4500 and to stay under my calorie goal every day this week. I have planned some snacks that are a bit higher in protein and more fruit, so I won’t have the crazy carb withdrawal every day.

I hope everyone has a great week and good luck with your goals!