About Me

TanyaDavisMy name is Tanya  and I started Rantings of a Reading Addict in March 2012 as a way to express thoughts on my favorite books.  I currently live in Texas with my husband, two kids, 7 dogs and 1 cat.  We are quite the houseful.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, the the Sweet Valley High series (why do I feel embarrassed by that) and then moved onto the romance novels my mother was done with.  Most of them were contemporary, but there were some historical ones in there too.  I spent a whole summer in middle school totally devoted to reading all the romance novels I could get my hands on.  Weird for a teenager, but I was struck with the reading bug and I was going to read every book in the house that summer.  Then I found V.C. Andrews and Flowers In the Attic.  That book really opened my imagination and took me out of romance and into situations that I otherwise wouldn’t have imagined.  Broadened my world, that’s for sure.

I went through a mystery, crime thriller phase.  Then gradually have worked myself into Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  I’ve been in this phase for many years now.  I do like to take breaks and go back and grab books in series from those other genres, plus my book clubs have opened up other genres to me again.  Sometimes it’s good to put my head back in this world, even if the book scares me to death!  Some of the serial killers I’ve read about are pretty original and make you wonder just how the author came up with some of the characteristics.  I love it though, every page of it.

I have been struck by the lack of people in my life that read for fun.  I’ve heard a lot of excuses that my brain just can’t fathom, but it leaves a desperate hole in my life.  Rantings of a Reading Addict has been developed to fill that hole.  Here people don’t look at me funny when I say I read Paranormal Romance.  Followers follow because they are interested in the same books I am, and I have found other bloggers that read a lot of the same books I do.  Win Win.

Rantings of a Reading Addict is an adult blog.  I very rarely read or review a YA or NA book.  Call me whatever you wish, I just have avoidance issues when it comes to those genres.  I also do not filter, so if you have an aversion to bad language, please be prepared.  If it would come out of my mouth, it will come out on the page.

I love getting comments and emails. Please enjoy the blog and let me know when you follow so I can follow back.


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