Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Blogging Challenges

Posted May 4, 2021 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 0 Comments

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What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced to continue blogging and how did you solve them?

One of the biggest challenges I have found in blogging is consistency. I am steady for awhile and have a good routine to my posts, then I get in a slump and don’t post for awhile. This created a major issue for me when I went 30 days without using my plugin to automatically post a review to Goodreads, and they deleted my API. An API which is going obsolete so it cannot be reacquired. Now I have to manually post my review after they go live on the blog. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really is annoying. I was finding getting my reviews posted to Netgalley difficult, now I have one more place to copy over to. Just takes more of my blogging time, but it is my own fault. It has taught me that I some times I just need to get something out there. I have quite a few books on my list to be reviewed so I’m trying to just pace myself. That way I don’t have too many to spend the copying time to and I actually have something for my readers to read. That is if I haven’t lost them all!

Another challenge is getting the ARCs read before release day. That one I really haven’t solved. My life has lessened the time for reading. I was bad before at getting them done in time, now I am even worse. I am trying to schedule time for reading, but then I also have the trouble of the new releases I’m dying for with the backlog of ARCs I have. Definitely an issue I need to resolve.

I find blog hopping a challenge for my blogging. Some may say, that really hasn’t anything to do with your blogging, but it really does. It is a community and everyone is more inclined to visit your blog and comment if you have visited theirs and commented. I spent some time last week narrowing down my Feedly. I unsubscribed to all the ones that haven’t posted in a long time, now I have the ones I want to skim through their posts to make sure they are blogs that I have stuff in common with. I mentioned before about my strategy of signing up for emails, but when I thought about it, and saw a comment, I realized it is true. It is much easier to just delete an email then take the time to go read the post. So the plan now is to build Feedly into something more useful to me as I haven’t been taking advantage of it as I should.

Those are a few of the things I find challenging about blogging. Some may ask why I continue when I have these issues, but I believe we’ve done a post before that would explain why I continue. If anyone has some ideas or suggestions on how I can better handle these challenges I am ALL ears! What are your blogging challenges? I would love to hear them!