Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Favorite Romantic Couples

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This week’s topic:

Favorite Romantic Couples

Through all my reading, there have been many couples that stand out at the time. They make me swoon with happiness when they overcome all their obstacles and finally get together. I’m series reader. Most series feature a different couple every book, but there are some, especially in Urban Fantasy that get together and continue on throughout. The couples that are focused on throughout a whole series are interesting. You get to see their ups and downs as the series progresses. I also love the series that have one couple per book. My list will be a mix of the two for sure. It will probably be mostly recently read books as they come to my mind faster than those I’ve read earlier.

shieldofwinterVasic & Ivy
Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh
Psy-Changeling #13
Judd was an Arrow and had to break his conditioning for Brenna, but I felt like Judd had already been headed down that road. Vasic was a hardcore Arrow. That was his focus, his life. Then he is assigned to protect an Empath. Not just any Empath, but Ivy Jane. Ivy’s abilities help to apply just the right amount of pressure to Vasic’s walls to bring them down. Ivy had so much patience, and the way the couple’s build to their HEA was so beautiful.

Cat & Bones
Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress #1 – #7
Cat and Bones are such a great duo. They definitely had their times when the relationship was strained, but they worked through it. I always held my breath when the two had their squabbles. I don’t know why, deep down I knew they’d work it out. They are both such strong characters that sometimes you had to wonder just whose will was stronger. They also make a really good team. They had a connection that made them work well together. I’m going to miss their antics.

Charley & Reyes
First Grave On The Right by Darynda Jones
Charley Davidson #1 – #9
Now here is a pair that took some serious work to get together. Even with their destiny of being together since they were young, Charley definitely has a mind of her own. She doesn’t put up with Reyes’ crap! They are so much fun together. Charley getting in trouble, Reyes rescuing her from the baddies. The building of the relationship is so much fun to watch growing throughout the series. They really are a great fit.

Kate & Curran
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels #1 – #8
Speaking of stubborn couples. These two are so willful, I thought it would take forever for them to finally settle into a relationship. But when they did, they really clicked. As with other series where the same couple plays throughout, these two definitely bumped heads. They always came back to each other though and those were always the parts that made you just melt. In all Curran’s toughness, he has a romantic streak. Hey, who do you know that would feed you soup?

Reaver & Harvester
Reaver by Larissa Ione
Lords of Deliverance #5
Who would have thought you could get two characters that despised each other that much to get together. These two had a lot of baggage to work out. Harvester’s character had always been so tough and sarcastic. But when we find out her story and then how Reaver works to bring the two together. It was definitely sigh worthy.

Oh, how many couples I could list here! I’m sure most of these also made a lot of other lists. I found it funny that the couples that stood out most in my mind were the long-standing UF couples. I know there were couples that I felt more in other (this is going to sound weird) single serving books, but the longer running couples seem to be at the top of my mind. I know if I sat in front of my bookshelf, or scrolled further down my Goodreads shelf, I could make this a much longer list.

Who are your favorite couples? Were they couples that had their own books, or that spanned a whole series? I have a feeling my response to comments is going to be “Oh yeah! I should have them on my list!”.