Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Duplicate Book Covers

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This week’s topic:

If you see a book with the same book cover as another, are you more or less inclined to read it?

I personally have never seen an exact duplicate, but there are so many similar ones out there! There are some emails I get, and as I scroll through them, there are different books, but the covers all look the same!

To me, this implies that not a lot of thought or effort went into creating those covers. If the covers are that cookie cutter, I’m guessing the content probably is too. That is definitely a turn off and will steer me away from the book. This, however, speaks to books from authors or books that are new to me. If the book is part of a series that I love, or that I love the author, I do not pay any attention to the cover. Also, if a book is highly recommended to me, I will probably read it despite the cover.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m going to rant about something that is really annoying me with covers for series. I am so upset with authors deciding to release new covers for the previous books in a series. I don’t know if this is just a ploy to get those older titles some attention, or just to make some consistency to run throughout the series. Whatever it is, I hate it. First, it makes all the covers look even more similar, and two, now the books on my shelves do not match!

So to the point, books that are on shelves or featured somewhere and have covers either identical or extremely similar to other books, will not attract me at all. Give me some originality that will intrigue me and compel me to read your book.

Do covers make the difference in what you pick to read? How do you feel about covers that all look the same?