Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Goals for 2016

Posted January 5, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 11 Comments


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So in preparation for this post I did two things. First I wrote up a list of goals. Then I went back and read my list of goals from last year. I may have knocked 1, maybe 2 things off, but basically my list this year is the same as last year. Maybe I should just update that post and republish! I won’t though, because there is some new logic behind my goals. I’m going to include a few personal goals as well, as I feel they are not just important to me as a person, but I think they will help me be a better blogger.

Here we go:

  • Keep track of book highlights better. I tend to read through the book and have a general, overall impression of it. What would help me write a better review for that book would be have notes or highlights to back up my opinion. I find it really hard with audiobooks. I can bookmark, but when driving I find it hard to maneuver my phone to get to the button. I asked for and received a couple of notebooks for Christmas. I put one in the dash of my car so when I pull into the parking lot at work, or into the driveway at home, I can pull it out and make some quick notes. I also asked for and received some little page flags. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am OCD about the condition of my physical books. You do not highlight, make notes in, or fold pages in a book. There are a few people off the top of my head that I know are completely opposite and are probably laughing like crazy at me right now. Anyway, I now have page flags and a notebook at my favorite reading spot for physical books. Ebooks of course make highlighting so much easier so I’ve got that one covered.
  • Write my review as soon as I’m done with the book. I’m terrible at this. For the last few months, I’ve been using the “Currently Reading” with UBB, so I need to create a draft post to attach the cover image. I have to open that draft to uncheck the “Currently Reading” button when I’m done. There is no reason I can’t write in the review while I’m on the page. That way the review is there and if I don’t have time, I can go back later and fill in links, tags etc., later when I’m reading to schedule the post.
  • I think I am the worst cross-poster ever. Thanks to UBB, I at least get my reviews into Goodreads, but Amazon and Netgalley completely slip my mind. This year I want to get all of my 2015 posts that I haven’t posted, done as well as any I get done in 2016. I have to do something to get my Netgalley percentage up!
  • Consistently get at least one review up a week. I’ve been getting really lax, I have a crazy amount of drafts sitting there just waiting for me to complete them and get scheduled. I’m keeping the goal low so I’ll feel good when I get more than one!
  • I would like to do 1 – 2 original posts a month. Some kind of discussion posts, whether it be about books or other current events.
  • Weekly scroll through my Bloglovin’ stream, reading and commenting. I think I’m going to actually set this in my calendar scheduling an hour or two of just doing this task. I think that my lack of attention to those I follow is making an impact on my blog as well.
  • While I’m doing that Bloglovin’ check-up, I’m going to note the ones I’m most drawn to and do an email subscription. I am missing so many great posts! I also want to communicate more with those so blogs, so more commenting.
  • I would really like to learn more CSS and take more control of styling my posts. I did have a blog makeover done this year, and the new theme gives me some capabilities I didn’t have before. I just don’t want to be dependent on those theme specific capabilities.
  • Even after that new design, there are still elements to the blog that I’m not satisfied with. I want to find a way to fix those to make the blog not only look the way I want, but also function reliably.
  • I would like to learn more about working with WordPress and making it work for me with as few plugins as possible. My hosting company seems to think I’m a resource hog. I have yet to figure that one out.
  • I have an idea for building a small book related business. I need to do more research on it though. Get an estimate on a need for the service and then nail down the skills to make me worth hiring.
  • I would like to get some training and experience in creating original images for the blog as well as social media. I see a lot of great stuff out there and I am so jealous! I would take me days to come up with even one image I see on someone’s blog!
A few personal ones to note.
  • Let people deal with their own shit instead of butting in and trying to “help”. This causes me stress that does not belong to me.
  • Be confident and clear on my own thoughts and opinions instead of worrying about them being “right” in someone else’s eyes. I’m a people pleaser and I spend a lot of time at work second guessing everything that comes out of my mouth.
  • Stick up for myself and stop being a doormat. Another work related habit. “Let’s ask Tanya to do it, she never says no.”
  • And finally of course we have to add some sort of health related goal. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues lately and still feel a bit weak. The health issues have caused weight loss (Yay!), but as I get stronger and able to eat more, I need to pay more attention. I’m not going to say “I’m going to lose ??lbs this year” or “I’m going to exercise ?? days a week”. Due to health issues, I’ve been put on an exercise plan. My goal is to try and follow his plan. Despite my family’s opinion on it. This guy has seen my test results. He knows what he’s doing.

So those are my goals for 2016. If you are still here after that long list, thank you! I didn’t realize when I started how many things I really want to do this year. You know, if any of you have experience with some of the things I want to work on, and are willing to help someone out, please let me know. I am so bad when it comes to reading and following non-fiction books. It’s like I have this mental block that all reading material must be fiction.

I wish everyone all the best in the coming year. May all your goals and dreams come true in 2016!