Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Unpopular Opinion

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Are there authors/books that everyone seems to love but you don’t?

There are a few books that I haven’t tried, mainly because of the hype. But I can’t say I didn’t love them, because I honestly did not try them. Most of the books I read are from authors I have been following for a long time. I also follow suggestions from a lot of other bloggers and so far, they all seem on target. I often have a case of first book in a series syndrome so it takes me a little while to get into some of the really popular series.

One I have really struggled with is Eve Langlais. I’ve listened to a couple of books by her but just haven’t been able to pick up the feeling for them. I really struggle with confusion when I see that a book has quite a few stars on Goodreads and I just can’t get to that point.

There was one book, A Vampires Dreadful Read by Alexandra Piper, that I debated posting my review for a long time because I just couldn’t understand why it had such a great rating, but I just didn’t feel it.

So far it’s only been that one author and one other book, there may be more, but not many. I don’t want to count too many of the books that are like number one or two in a series because I always seem to have a hard time with initial books, but end up loving the series. I’m also basing this all off the PNR and UF I read. I normally don’t pick up the other genres I see recommended. I probably should but I’ve got such a long TBR in my current genres that I don’t dare add any more.

Are there any books or authors that you just didn’t understand the hype and good ratings for?