Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Making Blogging and the Blogosphere Positive

Posted March 22, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 8 Comments


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How can I make blogging and the blogosphere more positive?

I have a couple of things that I try to do to keep everything positive. Some of these things are kind of basic and no-brainers.

  1. STAY OUT OF CONFLICT. If there is something going around, I don’t blog about it. I want my posts to be positive. This could be good or bad for my numbers, but I think in these cases, my two cents is better left out. Controversial topics will usually bring out the people wanting to know what is going on. For me, I tend to stay away. I don’t want big arguments in my comments section. I could put my opinion out there, but I’m horrible at debates. Plus it just seems so negative.
  2. If I don’t have something nice to say in a comment, I won’t comment. I’m a people pleaser, sometimes unfortunately, and I don’t want to make someone feel bad because of their views on something. If I do feel I need to make a comment, its normally in a personal message to a friend who has no idea what I’m talking about! Is that talking behind someone’s back? Yeah, probably. But I don’t need to start a whole big deal because I disagree with one person.
  3. If I do something stupid, I would like to be made aware of it personally so that I have the opportunity to apologize. There are a lot of people out there who like to bitch and rally the troops over things that could be easily solved. It would be nice to have a chance to fix the problem before the whole blogosphere is up in arms over something I didn’t mean to do.
  4. I like to leave nice comments on other blogger’s posts. Maybe it will make them feel as happy as it makes me feel.
  5. Do a little sharing. I love when I see that someone has shared my post. I like to return the favor and help other blogs get that extra exposure too.

I just a little courtesy to other bloggers and readers can go a long way. It will make people want to come back and connect with you. Some people like to be wrapped up in drama all the time, but there are those of us that would rather just hang out online with our blogging friends talking books and other fun stuff we do. Negative energy usually brings everyone down. Better to stay away from it.

What are some things you think would make the blogosphere a more positive place?