Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ My Favorite Werewolf-Shifter Books

Posted October 20, 2015 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 6 Comments


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This week’s topic:

What are my favorite werewolf/shifter books?

I have always claimed that my favorite paranormal creature was a shifter. But going through my books, I saw that I really don’t have that many “favorite” ones. There have been series that contain a big mix of paranormal characters, but for this post I was more focused on the books that werewolves and shifters were the main species. It feels weird calling them “species”. But it also feels weird calling them “creatures”. I think I have humanized them too much.

After seeing everyone rave about the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, I had to read it. It was amazing. I loved it, and now they make the top of my list for shifter books!

magicbites magicburns magicstrikes magicbleeds
magicslays magicrises magicbreaks magicshifts

I am currently reading this next series, but I am already in love with the shifters in it. Nalini Singh has created an amazing world in the Psy-Changeling series!

slavetosensation visionsofheat caressedbyice minetopossess hostagetopleasure brandedbyfire
blazeofmemory BondsofJustice playofpassion kissofsnow tangleofneed heartofobsidian
shieldofwinter shardsofhope

Next on my list is the Dark Kings series by Donna Grant. Who can resist dragon shifters? They are just hot! Get it? 🙂

darkestflame firerising burningdesire hotblooded nightsblaze
soulscorched passionignites smoulderinghunger smokeandfire

I have been reading the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs for a long time. Mercy’s coyote is still one of my favorite characters.

mooncalled bloodbound ironkissed bonecrossed silverborne
rivermarked frost burned_front mech.indd Night Broken firetouched

So, I was going to include the Were-Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but I got irritated and pissed off. That series order has me so confused I don’t know what book belongs to what. They all overlap each other. I could find clear book numbers for all but #2. What book is the Were-Hunter #2?

I will not rave about it anymore. Werewolves and shifters are great. Its always interesting to see how the author is going to make the change happen. Sometimes it is like a magical *poof*, while other times it is a pain-filled, bone crushing affair. One that always makes me laugh is in the Anita Blake series. The shifters spew off some goo when they transform and if you’re too close, you’re bound for the shower. Definitely original.

The Kelley Armstrong series also has some great werewolves. I love Clay & Elena. They are in and out of each book.

Drop me a note below and tell me about your favorite werewolves and shifters!