Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Favorite Books Set In Other Countries

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What are some favorite books set in other countries?

This is kind of a tough one. With my favorite genres, I’m more likely to find myself in a different realm than I am a different country. There are a few series I’ve read that do take me to other countries. Here are a few that I’ve really enjoyed.

The series that is at the top of my list would be the Dark Kings series by Donna Grant. Here our Dragon Kings are from Scotland but we also spend a fair amount of time in Ireland. I dream of visiting these places so being immersed in this setting while I read this series is so nice!


With the Deep In Your Veins series, we are set overseas. I want to say in the Rome area? I’m not exactly sure, just that it’s not based in the U.S.

The Professional, book one in the Game Maker series starts out in the U.S. but soon moves over to Russia. Each of the 3 books in the series takes place in a different place, but most of the Professional was in Russia

This was pretty enlightening. I scrolled and scrolled through my read list and I was amazed at how most of what I’ve read has been set here! I think this would have been easier if I had of included different realms!

Where have some of your favorite books been set?