Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Blogging Stress Relief

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This week’s topic:

What things do you do to alleviate blogging stress?

My first reaction to this question was to laugh out loud. Alleviate blogging stress? I definitely have a problem with this. I tend to let the stress build and build until I end up with blogging burn out. Not the most ideal way of alleviating the stress!

My blogging stress seems to come from a few points. Creativity, time management and overextending myself. They all sort of run together and will combine to make a really hot pot of stress.

You will see a lot of people that hit this wall decide that a blogging “break” is what they needed to recharge their batteries and get the juices flowing again. I tend to agree, but on the flip side of that action, I stress over leaving the blog idle for too long, and not meeting publisher’s or tour operator’s expectations. I feel like if I don’t have some kind of content that the few readers I have will just forget about me, but I also don’t want to be feeding them a bunch of forced, uninspired posts.

So, to combat the stress a little, instead of taking a full break, I will do memes. I will pick and choose the ones that are a quick, fun action. I don’t have to come up with the topics, they are quick so I can put one up easily and I’m not obligated to participate. I feel like this gives me content, and helps readers get to know me.

I will (and currently still do) depend on memes to keep me going, but there are a few other things that they help jump start for me. First, I’m logged in. If I’m in my dashboard, and I put together a quick post, I will see I still have some extra time and will move on and jump on a couple of reviews. Even if it is just to set up the bones of the post. Memes can also spin off some good discussion posts. I find discussion posts really hard and a lot of times, reading other blog’s responses to memes will actually make an idea pop into my head. It’ll take me forever to actually put the post together, but hey, it started the juices flowing!

Another thing I do sometimes is change up the time of day that I spend working on the blog. I used to try and squeeze my blogging time into the evening hours. I’m pretty good at tuning things out, so it works sometimes, but when it started to feel forced, I knew I had to come up with another plan. I penciled in blogging time for the hour to hour and a half before work. No one is up and my distractions are few. This also helped alleviate my feelings of ignoring my family.

Getting ahead also helps a great deal. If I can take advantage of a good spurt of energy and schedule posts ahead of time, I feel like I have the ok to give myself a reprieve. To just relax knowing everything is set to happen automatically. This is also great when your personal life has gotten chaotic and you don’t even remember having a blog!

If I still find my mind going completely blank while I stare at the screen time after time, then I know my brain is overloaded and it’s time to just back away. Most of the time I have no choice. The brain just shuts down. I can’t even make myself hop online for anything. When I get that far, it’s like the internet has sucked the life out of me. I am forced to just take a break.

What are some good techniques you use to combat blogging stress? Does it take you a long time to come out of a slump?