Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ My Blogger Circle

Posted March 8, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 7 Comments


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Who are the bloggers I’ve been with the longest?

There are a few bigger blogs that I have followed for a long time. Some probably have no idea who I am since their following is so big. However, they do feature a lot of great content. It has been a few years since I have entered the blogging community. When I started there were a lot of memes that were meant to drive followers to your blog. I did get wrapped up in that, but ended up with a long list of blogs to scroll through on my reader that just weren’t making a connection. I’ve also noticed when I start working on my reader that some of the blogs have disappeared. These will be a few of the longest ones I’ve been with, have kept me going for all these years.

  • Geeky Bloggers Book Blog: I know Felicia personally and love her dearly. Her blog keeps me interested with all the different adventures and ideas. She reads a wide variety of genres, so it is likely reviews pop up that get my attention.
  • Booked and Loaded: This is another local blog I’ve been following for some time. Annie is a great friend and our reading styles are alike. She is a really good support system for me.
  • Under The Covers: UTC is one of the first blogs I found that really encouraged me to blog. I actually noticed them on Goodreads and moved over to follow them on their blog. They really have a wide range of reviews and giveaways. They have also established themselves very well into the community so you can find really good author interviews and other news. Now they have branched out into the YouTube world, it has been fun to see them personally and get to know them better
  • Parajunkee: I started following Parajunkee during my start up days. She hosts “build your followers” but also had some really great tips on blog design that I really needed at the time.
  • The Caffeinated Book Reviewer: I love Kimberly. She’s so responsive to comments despite the huge amount I see on her posts. Her tips and tricks were SO informative in my early years. She’s very supportive. Also, she loves Supernatural. Enough said.

I’m limiting my list to five because if I start going down my Bloglovin’ list, we could be awhile. I’m trying really hard to open up my group of blogging friends. I make an effort to get around to visit my visitors. I think it is time to build up the Bloglovin’ list again and start connecting with some other bloggers I didn’t know were around.

Anyway, these are the blogs I’ve been following from what seems to be the beginning of time. They’ve helped and encouraged me (whether they know it or not) to keep on going. I truly thank these gals.

Who have you been following forever in the blogging community? Are there some blogs you all think I should check out? I’m always looking for some new connections!