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I found the Plan With Me book tag at Under The Covers. This seemed like a fun tag to do, since I am also a planner addict! Let’s dig in!

  1. Pay Day ~ a book that you would buy right now, cost doesn’t matter. 
    I have to agree with Francesca on this one. It would be The Savior by J.R. Ward, but it is also the virtual signed copy. I’ve been known to purchase every one that comes available for this series. One of my favorite series, one of my favorite authors that I never seem to be able to get to any of the events she’ll be present at. 


  2. Pay a Bill ~ a book that you would get rid of right now. 
    This one is really hard because I find it difficult to part with any of my books. I’m going to include my digital library too, because I just can’t imagine getting rid of any of my physical books, whether I liked them or not. So I’m choosing an audiobook I have, Cast in Hellfire by S.M. Reine. This is a series that I only managed to get to this second book. I forced myself through it, but it was really rough. 


  3. Doctor Appointment ~ a book that makes you feel better when you’re down. 
    I’m going to choose Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston for this one. It included humor, action and romance. All the ingredients to take me out of reality and into a world where I can’t feel bad. 


  4. Meeting ~ a book or series you felt obligated to read because of the hype 
    This would of course be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I’m not a young adult reader so I resisted reading this series, but there was so much hype and pressure to read it that I just gave in. I’m so glad I did because I fell in love with it! 


  5. Lunch Date ~ a book or series you fell in love with because a friend recommended it. 
    I’ve jumped into a lot of series based on recommendations from friends. One of the most recent would be the series by Dannika Dark. I loved the three I read, but my favorite is the Crossbreed series. I love this world and it’s characters. The audio, which was also recommended, is amazing. I am so thankful for this recommendation! 


  6. Work/school week ~ a book that was really hard to get through. 
    I had a hard time with Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter. This was not entirely the fault of the book, which in the end I found I enjoyed. But getting through it was hard because I had not read the prior books so I didn’t understand the world. I also was not as invested in the characters throughout most of the book as I didn’t understand their powers or presence. All of that made for a slow read for me, but in the end, I found that it all made sense. I was so focused on the little things I didn’t understand and that frustrated me. But the overall picture was a good one. 


  7. Gym Day ~ a book or series that keeps your heart pumping because it’s an exciting page turner. 
    This is definitely going to the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. Each installment keeps the adenaline pumping and you just never know what is going to happen. The fight scenes always come so close for Gin, that I just hold my breath as I read through them. These are definitely exciting page turners. 


  8. Date Night ~ a book with your favorite romantic couple. 
    There are just so many to choose from for this question. I’m going to pick another Black Dagger Brotherhood book. My favorite Brother is Rhage so I’m going to choose Rhage and Mary’s book! 


  9. Vacation ~ a book or series you would binge on if you had all the time in the world 
    I have two very long series on my TBR. They are very intimidating for me which is why I haven’t started them. I think I’m going to choose the Argeneau’s by Lynsay Sands. It is a huge series that would keep me occupied for some time! 


  10. To-Do list ~ a book you keep meaning to get to and just never have the time for. 
    I have been meaning to read You by Caroline Kepnes for ages now but have yet to get to it. It sounds thrilling and creepy and I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on it. I also want to read it before I watch it on Netflix. One of these days! 


So that was the Plan With Me Book Tag! Consider yourself tagged and let me know your answers in the comments or in your own posts!