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Surfing around YouTube, you’ll see a lot of “Booktubers” doing “Book Tags”. They are fun posts with crazy book related questions. I’m definitely not doing this on YouTube, but I did think I would do some of the tags here on the blog. You never know, could be fun! I’m hoping that you’ll grab the tag and do one yourself. Then come back and share your link, or even tag me so I’ll see it! Use @ReadingAddicted to tag me.

This tag I got from Under the Covers (click here to see theirs). The creator of this tag is Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks.

The Questions

1. Reading on the couch or on the bed?

A while back I would have said the bed. Unfortunately, mornings were becoming a bit difficult, and I was always cleaning the bed because of snack crumbs! I used to have containers of candy stashed in my bedside table for whatever craving I had while I was reading. Now I’m on the couch, where I don’t get tired as quickly and can read more. I can also snack more while I read without making a mess. I was behaving and keeping the snacking to a minimum, but then the drawer in the side table beside the couch started to fill up. Now I’m hoarding again. But the couch is the place I get the most reading done right now.

2. Male main character or female main character?

This one is difficult. I like my books with female main characters because most of them are kick-ass and I love that. But, I also like my books with male main characters for their POV. Taking a quick look at my book shelves, I would say the male characters outweigh the female, but I do have a fair share of both.

3. Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

Normally I would prefer salty. Chips and popcorn have normally been my big go-to for when I’m reading. Mainly because they are easier to eat. Lately though, I’ve been on a major Hershey’s chocolate phase so I’m going to say sweet for now. Seems I have a Hershey in my hand more often than popcorn when I’m reading.

4. Trilogies or quartets?

This one I really have no preference. As long as the overall arc is complete with no strings hanging loose, then I’m good with it being a trilogy, a quartet or a ten book series. There are good and bad about all, so if I get all the story, without it being too crammed, or way too long-winded, then I’m good.

5. First person POV or third person POV?

I prefer to read third, with the main focus on one character, then we get the side characters POV in small doses. I feel like it gives me a more rounded view of the story itself. There are times that that can get confusing, but overall I’ve found that that is my preference.

6. Reading at night or in the morning?

Definitely at night. The morning is filled with adult stuff that just won’t be put off. Also, if I start to read in the morning, I’m not going to want to do anything else the rest of the day besides hide away in that story. This is probably why I don’t get a lot of reading in, because I’ve become old and can’t stay up as late.

7. Libraries or bookstores?

This is tough because you are really talking money here. I’m not sure if we are talking brick and mortar book stores or if we are including online. I guess we’ll have to include online for the sake of ebooks. I prefer bookstores. At the top of that list is Amazon. It is not because I like to spend money. Because I seriously don’t. But when I want a particular book, I want it right then. I have a lot of trouble finding the books I need *at that second* at the library and I have no patience to wait. I like to do series binges, and I will alternate between library and the bookstore then. Mainly because the series are all too long for me to spend so much money on. When it comes to physical books, I will say I prefer the bookstore. I like to have the book sitting on my shelf. I’m a hoarder, as my office will show, and I don’t like having to give those pretties back.

8. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

That one is easy. Books that make me laugh. I hate to cry. I get mad at those scenes that make your chest tighten up and you feel like you might be welling up. I know it’s going to happen, otherwise I’m probably not that invested in the story, but I still don’t look forward to it. Now a book that will make me laugh always leaves me with good feelings. I need the goodness in my life!

9. Black book covers or white?

The color of my book cover doesn’t mean a lot to me. Most of my reads are audiobooks or ebooks and I don’t really see the covers to those. About 90% of my book physical book collection is black or dark colors so I would say it would be black.

10. Character driven or plot driven books?

Oh we are ending with a tough one. I need to have a plot driven book, BUT I also need to see our main character grow throughout that plot. I am saying plot driven on this one as I just read a book where the overall arc just seemed to go sideways on me and even though I loved the characters and the character’s story, I missed the progression of the plot.

So did you all enjoy having a little book tag today? What would some of your answers be?

I had some fun, and I would like to do some more of these. If you have seen or heard of a book tag that might be interesting, let me know! I’d like to make this a regular thing on the blog. ALSO, YOU ARE TAGGED! Yes, if you were here, I’d like to see your answers. You can write your own post and tag me, leave me a link, or you can just answer in the comments. If you write your own post, make sure to tag your readers as well and we can pass around some fun posts.

Again I want to thank Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks for creating the tag and Under The Covers for bringing it to my attention and tagging their viewers.

So what are your answers to our This or That Book Tag?