Book Tag ~ The Guilty Reader Tag

Posted October 24, 2017 by Tanya in Book Tags / 10 Comments

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Surfing around YouTube, you’ll see a lot of “Booktubers” doing “Book Tags”. They are fun posts with crazy book related questions. I’m definitely not doing this on YouTube, but I did think I would do some of the tags here on the blog. You never know, could be fun! A lot of tags ask you to tag someone and I’m not going to do that. I’m just hoping that you’ll grab the tag and do one yourself. Then come back and share your link, or even tag me so I’ll see it! Use @ReadingAddicted to tag me.

This one I spotted at Under the Covers Book Blog’s Youtube channel and you can view their edition of the tag here.

  1. Have you ever regifted a book that you’ve been given? 
    No, I’m a book hoarder. Even if I already have a copy of the book I’m given, I’m likely to keep it.
  2. Have you ever said you read a book when you haven’t? 
    No, I’m pretty honest about what I’ve read. I may never come right out and say I didn’t read it if it’s being discussed, but if directly asked I will normally be honest.
  3. Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it? 
    Yes. I’m horrible at this. Unless that person remembers and asks, I’ve probably still have it on my shelf.
  4. Have you ever read a series out of order? 
    There is only a couple of series that I’ve jumped in a few books in. I have yet to go back and read the ones I missed though so I don’t know if that counts as truly reading them out of order.
  5. Have you ever spoiled a book for someone? 
    No, I don’t think so. At least I hope not!
  6. Have you ever dog-earred a book? 
    Yes. Before I became as obsessed as I am about book condition, I did occasionally bend a page. Not very many though.
  7. Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do? 
    No, I don’t think so. If I did, it would be because I truly don’t remember what I have. Or if I did and don’t remember, the only circumstance I can think of would be I was scared they were going to ask to borrow it. But I don’t think I’ve done that.
  8. Have you ever told someone you haven’t read a book when you have 
    No, I’m pretty honest about it, but I’ve been tempted on more than one occasion.
  9. Have you ever skipped a chapter or section of a book? 
    No. I am scared I will miss something. I sometimes feel like I’m defending the books I’m reading, and I want to make sure I have all the details about a book before I recommend it. If I skip, I might miss something that would make the good book for myself or someone else.
  10. Have you ever bad-mouthed a book that you actually liked 
    No. I’m made mention of points of the book that didn’t appeal to me, but have overall kept my opinion of liking the book.

That, was an awful lot of no’s. I wonder if that means I don’t have a lot to be guilty over! I’m just an innocent over here. I’m sure there are other bad things I’m guilty of, but I like this feeling of goodness I get from not doing too many of these bad habits.

As usual, it’s your turn! Answers are welcome in the comments and I would LOVE if you did the tag yourself and tagged me in it so I can read it!