Book Tag ~ Day and Night

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I found this book tag at Book Dragons who found it on Wattpad.

  • Do you read more in the morning or night? I’m a night reader. Even on the weekends for some reason. It’s the last thing I do before bed. It’s also probably why it takes me a long time to read a book! I’m so tired!
  • Are there any books that changed the way you thought about things? I read some non-fiction a while ago that led me down a road of meditation and spiritual awareness. I think I need a reread because I’ve forgotten all the interesting things I learned. They did make me think differently about my surroundings.
  • YA or not? I am not a huge fan of YA. I have a strong need to have some sort of romance in my books, and not teenage angst. That drives me nuts. You also get a lot of triangles in YA which are SO annoying. I just relate better to adults and their world.
  • Are there characters that you honestly believe are real? Hahaha! Sometimes I feel like they are real and are my friends! I have to bite my tongue from telling a character’s problem as if it was a real person’s problem. Like, “I know someone who….” when really it was a book character. But I don’t honestly believe a character is real. I may wish it at times, but definitely know better
  • Nobody touches my books or I don’t mind loaning my books out? Nobody touches my books. In fact, if a fingerprint analysis was taken of my books, they would only find the fingerprints of the author or me! LOL I don’t lend my books. It’s too stressful.
  • Do you ever smell your books? Yes! I love the smell of the pages. I’ve been caught before and looked at very strangely, but it is the second thing I do after fondly stroking the cover of a new book
  • Not everyone loves books…is this a positive or negative? NEGATIVE! I don’t understand people who do not enjoy the experience of relaxing with a book and delving into another life. They can ask why would they read a book when they can watch it on television or at the theatre. It is SO different and I can’t get through to people that once they find that perfect read, they will never go back.
  • Gosh I have too many books! True or False? OMG, that is so false. It is not possible to have too many books. Just not enough space. I am an ebook reader, but I can’t help to collect the physical copies of books. If my battery ever dies on my Kindle, I have so much I can read instead! I love my library. All those books just makes me so satisfied. I love arranging them. Looking at them. Smelling them. Running my hands along the spines. I can’t get enough. I need a new bookcase. I only have room for one more so I’m going to have to start being creative about how I store my books. There is also such great satisfaction at showing them all off. I love it when people see my library and are amazed at the amount of books in there.
  • Have you ever spilled or stained books before with something, if so how? My most horrific story is about a day that somehow one of my signed hard cover editions of a Kelly Armstrong book fell off it’s shelf and my dog decided to pee on it. I cried. I never arranged my books in a way that they could fall over again. It was traumatizing!
  • Toned or untoned? In other words, do you read and workout at the same time? I used to walk on the treadmill while I read my kindle. It was helpful because it would hide the screen and I wouldn’t drive myself nuts with every second I worked out. But then I got into audiobooks. Now I listen any chance I get and while working out is the perfect listening opportunity!

Now it’s your turn! Tag a stab at these questions either in your own post or in the comments!