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This is a book tag I saw pop up on Under the Cover’s Youtube Channel and thought I would take a stab at. The creator is LizziefayeLovesBooks. I also saw Angela over at Angel’s Guilty Pleasures attempted this one the other day so check out her post too!

I Never
  1. “I never read that!” Name a book you have never read but everyone else has.

    There are some biggies for me on this one. Sometimes I get really rebellious about certain books and refuse to read them. In this case I think the worse offender is Harry Potter, with Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey coming in close behind!

  2. “I never read anything so awesome!” Name your favorite book.

    OMG, how can one book lover ask another book lover that question. I mean seriously, that is like asking which is your favorite child. I’m going to pretty much skim my favorite series on GR and pick one out at random.

  3. “I never thought I’d get through it”. Name a book that you didn’t like but powered through anyway.

    I am still proud of myself for getting through this one.

    The Selkie Spell

  4. “I will never finish that!” Name a book or series you will never finish.

    I read Dark Witch by Nora Roberts as a book club read. It was a tough read for me to get through. I started on audio, but just could not get into it so switched to ebook. It was still a tough one, so I doubt I will go on and finish this trilogy.

  5. “I will never regret reading that!” Name a book you read solely on a recommendation that you ended up really liking.

    Well, as I’ve probably mentioned before. I’m not big on books being pushed heavily on me. But I did give into Hunger Games despite all my misgivings. Too many people recommended it and I just had to give in. After reading it, I was all over that trilogy. I think I even joined groups!

  6. “I would never do that!” Name a relatable book character who made choices you didn’t agree with, or did things you would never do.

    So I am a big Kate Daniels fan. She is such a kick-ass amazing character. But in Magic Rises, she does some things that just about broke me. It had to do with her relationship, and she went through feelings and emotions I would not have expected her to, causing her to DO things I was screaming at her not to!

  7. “I never wanted to admit it.” Name a book that you were embarrassed to say you read or were embarrassed to carry around with you.

    I can’t pick a specific book for this because I’m really not embarrassed by anything I’ve read. However, during my early teen years, I had a fascination with Harlequin and would not for the life of me tell anyone that that was what I was reading!

  8. “I never read anything so heartwarming.” Name a book or a series that really touched your heart.

    Ok, I feel bad picking something so close to Angela, but I have to go with a book from the same series. It killed me that these two were mated, but didn’t have that mate bond. It drove me nuts through the whole book and I just wanted to cry for the both of them.

  9. “I never laughed so hard!” Name a book that made you laugh out loud.

    Basically, this is a whole series for me. The Charley Davidson series never fails to crack me up throughout the book, no matter what kind of serious circumstances we get into!

  10. “I never could have made it through childhood without it.” Name a favorite childhood book or book series.

    I had a couple of big series in my childhood that I really got into, but one of my big ones was the Anne of Green Gables books. I loved the stories and the fact that we could drive a couple of hours and be at the house from the story always excited me!

I think that I could probably do this tag over and over and have different answers every time! So hard to pick specific books out of my read pile.

So how would you answer some of these questions? Let me know in the comments or drop a link to your post if you did the tag. And remember you ARE all tagged. 🙂