Feb 13 2015 #FitReaders Check-In

Posted February 13, 2015 by Tanya in Challenges, FitReaders / 8 Comments


Goals Results
Average Weekly Step Goal (4500) 4263
Average Percentage of Calories Burned 63%

I have missed the last couple of weeks of check-ins, mainly because of my frustration with myself. I had decided to concentrate more on my eating habits first, since I was having a really hard time struggling in the afternoon with what I’m calling the “hunger madness”. I’ve been getting some advice and have some new things to try and combat this. I was really surprised at how panicky I was getting if I didn’t have a snack available, right that very minute. It wasn’t something that was resolved with a quick bite of cheese either. If that was all I had, it created even more panic that I didn’t have enough food. I think it went beyond just hunger and I’ve been struggling with it for a couple of weeks. I am still trying to track my food, and I haven’t been too far from staying in my calorie limit, but it’s the types of food that are my downfall.

Physical activity has been a struggle the last few weeks too. After talking to a few people, I’ve discovered that it is not just laziness, or lack of time. It was a little deeper and probably a lot to do with self-sabotage. So, this week I dug a little deeper, and although I did not meet my goal, I feel better because I consciously went out and walked. I had a couple of things in the evenings this past week that I don’t this week coming up so I’m hoping to really get past that step goal next week.

I started getting on the scale to see if I can track that, but I’ve seen no progress and I’m trying not to get overly obsessive about it. I’m just getting going so I shouldn’t expect too much right off the bat.

So, it’s been a few weeks of a lot of mental homework and I hope this week has proven to myself that I have got it in me. I hope everyone has a good, healthy week!