Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Unsolicited Books

Posted April 23, 2019 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 0 Comments


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Do you like getting unsolicited books in the mail?

I have a review request page on my blog that describes the genres I read and what to expect from a review. The expectation is that authors or tour operators would read this page and decide whether a particular book is something that would fit on my blog. Then the procedure would be to contact me to see what my review schedule is like and if I’m interested. That would be the proper way of doing things.

However, there are those that send out their books as attachments to emails to reviewers without doing any research. That has to make me wonder on the desperation of that author or tour operator. Where did they get my email? If it was from my blog, did they not read the instructions? Are they just throwing the book at the wall hoping it will stick? Doing this makes me assume the author has no appreciation or respect for their work. That makes me wonder if this book is going to be worth my time to read.

Even giving that impression of their work, I still feel bad getting a book and not at least trying to read and review it. Even if it does not fit with my blog. I don’t normally give in, but that doesn’t help the guilt I feel. I keep the emails, just in case I decide to go back and read them. That never happens though. My TBR is too large. I hate that guilt feeling though. It’s not fair to put that on me when I’ve already given them all the information they should need to know if I would be interested in their book. Thankfully I don’t receive physical books in the mail. Those would trigger even more guilt. A big reason I do not put my mailing address on my blog.

So no, I do not like getting unsolicited books in the mail or email. People should be aware that they are not only putting the reviewer on the spot, they are devaluing the book itself.

What do you think? Do you mind getting unsolicited books? Do read and review them even if you didn’t ask for them?