Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ How Has Your Reading Changed Since The Pandemic?

Posted February 9, 2021 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 0 Comments

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How has your reading changed since the pandemic started?

You would think, with all the time we now spend at home, that I would be flying through the books. In reality, I’ve been in a real slump with reading. In 2020 I had to lower my Goodreads Challenge from 80 to 50 because I just couldn’t stand not making the goal. About half of my reading is in audio. The only time I really listened was when I was driving. Spending months working from home left me so behind in audios. I just couldn’t focus on work and listen at the same time. I really missed my audiobooks. Then there was my ebook reading. I think there I got stuck in a really long, really bad book which put me off from picking up my kindle. It really put me in a slump and even though I really do enjoy the ebook I’m currently reading, I am truly stuck in this slump. This year is not starting off the best, I’m really hoping I can turn things around!

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