Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Are You Utilizing Your Library

Posted September 27, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 7 Comments


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Are you utilizing your library?

There are three libraries in my city. There is also a library that allows memberships from all across the state. I do belong to them but only use their online resources. I don’t seem to have the same luck as a lot of people though.

I think it has to do with my timing. I don’t jump on my library’s online apps until I’m looking for a specific book. I don’t browse around to find one that interests me first. It is one specific book. It doesn’t matter if I search high, low, sideways or upside down, I cannot find that book. There was only one series I was looking for in audio that I was able to find almost every book. It has not happened since.

I don’t have patience. I may be totally searching wrong and that’s why I’m not getting the results I’m expecting. There could be many reasons that I’m not getting the full benefit of the library.

My city’s libraries do have a lot of special classes and events that they host. I’ve found a lot of them are geared towards kids and teens, which is totally awesome. There are some classes for adults, but not normally something that would fit me.

There is probably a LOT more going on in the library that I don’t know about. Mainly because I don’t actually go in there to find out. I do utilize the library’s online resources, but probably not to its full potential.

Do you routinely use your library? What are your experiences? Are they something you use on a regular basis, or just occasionally?