Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ What do you love about fall reading?

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What do you love about fall reading?

Fall is a different kind of reading than summer. We have different habits and things that we like to have with us while we read. I’m going to share some of the things I do differently during the fall when I read.

  1. Once the weather starts to dip below 90, out comes my comfy blanket. Right now I’m having difficulty because one of my pugs has decided it is hers, but it is time to come back to me. Even if you could still wear shorts outside here in TX. It is fall and that means a cuddly blanket. I’m also having difficulty this fall because we purchased a new livingroom set back last December and it has one of those cup holder and cubby type things in the center. Yes, each side is a recliner. But I still like to stretch out with my comfy blanket when I read, and this is just unsuitable. My husband has the couch without this whole contraption on his side of the room. I want to switch them but I don’t think they would like right the opposite way. He also won’t switch seating arrangements. (He has the better TV watching seat.) At least I’ll have my comfy blanket. (As long as Yum Yum accepts it is not hers!)
  2. Snacks. A lot of people swap to warm, relaxing drinks in the fall. Like some of those popular pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate or just a nice cup of tea. I’ve become Keto, so all the snacks I used to love to cuddle up with during my reading time are out. I have discovered nice warm mug cakes. I have thought about munching out on pork rinds, but I have a bad habit of not paying attention to what I eat while I read, so I would eat more than my calorie allowance. Plus, I’m not all that crazy about them. They just don’t compare to warm, buttery popcorn. God I miss popcorn!
  3. It gets dark earlier. It’s funny because I think all of my fall reading habits involve being comfy. When the evening rolls around and dinner is over, that is the time to curl up with a book and it just feels so much cozier if it is already dark. If it’s light out you feel like you should still be doing other things. Darkness is reading time for me. Everything seems to be still and quiet.
  4. Comfy pj’s and socks. This time of year, I’m not ready to read unless I’ve got some warm, comfy socks on and my pj’s.
  5. Pumpkin spice scented wax melts. Sets the mood for a good reading session. It relaxes me and makes we want to do nothing but curl up with my kindle.

Fall for me is more like the beginning of winter, not really it’s own season. It’s when I start pulling out all those warm, comfy things. I get excited just thinking about curling up with my book with all those things prepped. A lot of people enjoy summer reading. Being able to hang out outside or on the beach with their reading. I’m not an outdoors person so summer reading (especially this year) has meant sitting uncomfortably in my recliner, wishing for more AC, sticking to the recliner’s leather and basically trying to get comfy so I’ll be in the mood. It is too hot and sticky outside for me so getting comfy out there is definitely out. Fall is the perfect time for reading. I will read anywhere, but for my long stretches of reading, like in the evening, I love to have all these conditions to make my reading time perfect.

Is there anything different about your fall reading habits?