Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ How Do You Keep Blogging Fresh and Exciting

Posted August 2, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 2 Comments


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How do you keep blogging fresh and exciting?

This is really tough for me. It may not be known, but I’m kind of a negative person. When I go through my bouts of blogging slumps, they are pretty hard to get out of and it really feels like work.

Also, I’m not a very creative person. I would love to come up with some great new memes or content or something that would generate more readers.

I have heard that many people do not actually read reviews. It is original and creative content that makes the reader go to that page. I’m not sure I really agree 100% with that as I have do stop at a lot of reviews when I scroll through Bloglovin’. So I do like to try and mix up reviews with a meme or something.

To add to my lack of creativity, I’m always nervous of stepping on another bloggers toes by doing a similar post. What if they get upset that they were talking about exactly the same thing last week and I didn’t see their post? It is really easy to get attacked in the blogosphere and I try my hardest to stay away from it. That is a downer and kind of limits my creativity even more.

The biggest motivator for me is comments. No matter what I post, having someone stop by and just say hello, makes me feel good. That helps me get my head back in the game. I find I go to visit their blogs and find some of what I would consider friends that are interested in the same things. I find new books, get excited about what they have to say. Their comments make me feel like someone is interested in what I have to say. Those people are so important to me. They are truly what motivates me and gets me excited again.

I am also pretty lax when it comes to social media. Sometimes, I’ll get a hankering and pop on. Seeing what other people are posting about brings me into the current world and gets me thinking about things. It’s time for me to spend some time out there again. My brain needs a jump start.

To truly answer the question, I want to say that communications with others is what helps keep blogging fresh and exciting for me. Do you have any good ideas on how to keep blogging fresh and exciting?