Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Why I Prefer My E-Reader

Posted March 29, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 12 Comments


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Why do I prefer my e-reader?

When I started my phase of reading where I couldn’t get enough books, I signed up for some special book clubs and swaps. There were a couple of annoyances with that. First, the special book clubs did not carry the “original” book. So you would get a compilation of the books. It was fine at the time because I could choose one book but really get three. They were huge though, and when I started going to book signings, they were not the books everyone else had. I know, peer pressure, right?

The swap books, or even a lot of the recycled books I picked up almost always had quirks that drove me crazy. Be it stains, or smells or even cracked spines. I’m very, very picky about my physical books.

Then, one morning, on the radio, I heard the morning crew talking about this Kindle thing. How I could read books on it and have all these books in one place! I immediately jumped on Amazon and did some research. Yep, this machine was made for me. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve now moved on to the Fire, so some of my favorites things are now a part of that instead of the regular Kindle.


  • I always have a book with me. I used to have a 3G Kindle, which was the best thing ever. But when I moved up, I used a trade-in. To be able to finish one book and jump right into the next of the series was SO amazing. You know, until you caught up with the series. But still, while in the middle of one, you could finish one in the middle of the night and download the next automatically. I can’t tell you how vital that was in those nasty books with cliffhangers.
  • SO much easier to hold. I can be more comfortable as I read as I only need one hand to do it. In fact, I can eat greasy, buttery popcorn while I read and not smudge pages. I will admit, it started a really bad snacking phase, but I think I have that under control now. (There are no more bags of candy in my night stand).
  • My Kindle takes up no room at all. If it wasn’t for my obsession with signed books, I probably wouldn’t have all these shelves in my office. But despite having all these hard copies of books, I will still download and read on my Kindle. It’s just so much easier.
  • This one kind of relates to the first one. How great is it, when that book you’ve been waiting ALL year for, preordered as soon as it was listed, is suddenly right there when you wake up in the morning? No running out to the store on your lunch break. You’re able to take the day off, stay in your jammies and gobble that baby up right away!
  • The outdoors lighting sort of depends on what e-reader you have. Now that I’ve moved up to the Fire that does not have the special e-ink screen, I kept my last e-ink just for outside. Which brings me to my next item on my list.
  • Syncing. I can read on my Kindle and switch to my phone and be in exactly the same place where I left off. You cannot do that with a physical book. It is very hard to sneak into your little work hidy hole with a book in hand. You may be able to get away with your phone. That extra few minutes in hiding with a book can really help cool down a tense day.
  • On my Kindle Fire, I can listen to my audiobooks. This is so convenient when I don’t have my phone with me. Like last month when I dropped the thing in the toilet and needed to listen to my audiobook on the way home.

I don’t mean to rant on about my Kindle. I know some of you out there love your Nook or other devices better. My experience is only with the Kindle. I’ll leave a link below if you want to check out available Nooks.

I still love physical books. I can get my Kindle case signed at author signings. But I love actually having the book. When it comes to actually reading though, my preferred method is definitely my e-reader. Popcorn smudges can be wiped off. It is the greatest convenience when feeding my habit.

How about you? What is your preferred method of reading? Are you an e-reader all the way?