Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Reviewing Older Books

Posted July 21, 2015 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 2 Comments


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This week’s topic:

Do you refrain from reviewing older books because you worry that you should be reviewing newer titles?

I honestly don’t worry about this. When I started my blog, one of the reasons was for me to have fun and talk about the books I’m reading. If they happen to be older titles, then that is what I’ll talk about. Sometimes it even generates a little more interaction if a reader has read the book before and can chime in on what they thought when they read it. More people are likely to have read the older titles than some of the new ones.

The blog is also my place to keep track of what I’ve read, and what I thought about each title. This could probably be done with much less work at Goodreads, but I like having my own little corner. Using the blog to keep track of my books gives my readers a better opportunity to get a feel for me and relate it to what I think of the books.

Reviewing newer titles has its own perks, but I think the older titles have some great benefits too. That is why I will review both and not worry about following a certain expectation.

Do you review the older titles you read? What is your approach to deciding what to review?