Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Blog Hindsight Advice

Posted September 8, 2015 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 5 Comments


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This week’s topic:

What advice do you wish you could go back and give yourself when you were first starting your blog.

Let’s rewind the years a little bit and take a look at my actions when I first started Rantings of a Reading Addict. There are a few things I wish I had of known then and could have used a little direction.

Look professional I had a vision of what I wanted my blog to look like. But in my rush to get up and running, the graphics were not well done. This is just a hobby so there was no money for professional services, but I think a little more time could have made my appearance a lot more professional looking.

Connect with other blogs that have similar tastes, not just those you need to enter a giveaway for I fell into this trap. Not realizing that the connections and interactions with those blogs will drive traffic to me. Now I have so many feeds I have no idea where to start culling them. The blogs I want to connect with most get lost in the feed. It gets overwhelming and I end up visiting no one. Which means no one bothers with me either.

Find time for social media This is actually one I still struggle with. I have gotten into the habit of just letting my blog posts publish to social media. I check on them, but don’t really use them as an interaction tool. I need that interaction to drive more traffic, so I really need to find more time for that.

Try to sprinkle in some original content I still do a lot of this one too. I gather ideas here and there, but for the most part depend on my reviews and other memes I participate in. So even here, I could take my own advice.

Don’t compare All blogs have their own design, feel and structure. They are representing themselves. I need to represent myself and my personality. I do not need to structure my reviews the way I’ve seen others do it. I need to write and publish what I feel good about. (Even if it takes me forever). Also don’t let other blog’s numbers freak you out. Everyone’s situation is different. You can study what they do that attracts so much attention but do NOT allow jealousy and frustration turn you off blogging altogether.

Try and get into a schedule Employ time management and planning to stick to a predictable schedule. If other things pop up and you can always work them in. But if you have a basic schedule, try and stick to it. Knowing what you have coming up makes it easier to plan and takes the panic out of trying to find something to post.

Don’t forget about cross-posting reviews Thankfully I have the Goodreads add-on to my UBB by Ashley over at Nose Graze to automatically send my reviews there. But I tend to let my reviews to post to Amazon, B&N, Audible and sending links to publishers pile up. It is important to post to these places as well as it will bring attention to the blog by not only readers, but publishers as well.

Join blogger support groups You can find lot of not just coding help but a lot of direction on how to make your blog more successful.

That would be the start of the advice I would pass on to the beginning me. However, I see a lot of spots that could still apply. Oh and one more. It is nearly impossible to blog with a pug in your lap, so stop spoiling the little buggers and make them move over!

Do you have things you wish you could told your beginner blogger?