Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Have you ever thought of quitting?

Posted March 29, 2021 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 0 Comments

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Have you ever thought of quitting blogging? What made you reconsider the idea?

This is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. Even all last year, when you think I would have had even more time to read and blog, it just didn’t happen. I fell into a big slump. I struggled to even read, let alone review the big backlog I have. All the blogs I followed seemed to be consistently posting, and I saw a lot of great books I’d like to read. But I just didn’t. Despite missing everyone leaving comments and commenting on other’s posts, finding the energy was hard.

The thought of just giving up the blog all together crossed my mind many times. I would be wallowing in my guilt of just not doing anything with it, and figured if I just let it go, I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore. It seemed like the answer.

But there were things that convinced me to leave it up, just try to jump in when I felt like I could. I didn’t want to lose followers by dropping off the face of the planet, or lose them by just not posting enough, but I wanted the blog to be FOR me. When I thought back, I enjoyed this. I loved getting comments and chatting with everyone. I loved reading and talking to people about those books. There was a nugget in my noggin that told me this is just a slump, and I’d get my life back together and then regret letting the blog go.

Letting the blog go meant more than just stopping posting. I had a domain name, hosting and social media tools I was paying for. Did I want to give them all up and start all over again when I got over my slump? Hell no. Did I want to lose everything I had already built with this blog? Again, no. I mean, sure, I could archive everything, but it would be work to pull it all out again. Would I be able to get all my followers back? It was hard to get what I have, I can’t imagine the work I would have to do to bring them back.

Sure, the thought of quitting does strike me at times, but the idea of all that I would be giving up makes me reconsider. I know I’m not always going to be stuck in this slump. Life will get back to normal at some point and I will get back to enjoying it. I just have to jump in when I can and be ready for when I get over this. Hang in there with me! I will be popping up when you least expect it!

What about you? Let me know how you have dealt with this issue. Did you continue or did you pack it up and move on?