Bookish Life Budget ~ November 2018 Update

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Well, 2018 is almost over. Good thing too, because I totally ditched my budget. What I didn’t count was the amount I spent on raffle tickets at Readers & ‘Ritas. Did I win a basket? No. I was disappointed about that. However, I had an amazing time. I cheated a bit on my diet, but jumped back in on Sunday. Mostly my cheats were drinks, but whatever. It was fun. Annie (Booked and Loaded) makes a great roomie. Especially bringing her Magic Bullet and the makings of some yummy margaritas!

Having holidays in November made the month go by even faster. But I do think I broke my holiday budget as well. I may seek professional help. My budgeting is going to be one of my goals for 2019. I seem to fly by the seat of my pants and just hope I don’t go over. I need to do more planning. This year has really showed me this. And not just in terms of my financial budget. My meals need to be better planned too. I don’t think a Quest bar and some brazil nuts constitutes a lunch, but I didn’t make anything else, so there it is. If I could handle non-fiction books I might find a good one on budgeting, but I just can’t. It would take me forever.

Anyway, since I refuse to buy myself any books over December (look out January). I should be able to keep next month from doing too much more damage. What I don’t understand is the family’s reluctance to buy me books for Christmas! They all say I have enough to read. What is that supposed to mean? I don’t understand them at all. Below is the damage from RnR. I went overboard on book buying but there were so many I wanted to try.

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
B&N Membership Renewal $25.00 $0.00 $0.00
Buns & Roses + Bear $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Literary Love Savannah $225.00 $0.00 $2.46
Readers & ‘Ritas -$129.97 $0.00 -$129.97
Audible Subscription $52.44 $24.38 $28.06
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) -$94.62 $82.52 -$177.14
Total: -$169.19 $106.90 -$276.09

One thing I noticed while shopping. It seems the authors are going for more the paperback size instead of the mass market or hardcover sizes. This throws me off a little. I was told that it is cheaper for them to produce them in that size, so I guess that is a benefit to them. You don’t see many that size in the stores though, so I wonder how that works for them.

This book haul is going to be a big one and I encourage everyone to give these a shot. They are in no particular order, so you may have to look up which is first in the series for each one.

So November was crazy, and I think December will be as well. I’m fighting a bad cold that has hung on for a couple of weeks. I saw the doctor yesterday and she claimed a sinus infection so I need to start antibiotics. She recommended I take a probiotic with it? That’s scary. Is the antibiotic that strong?? Kind of makes me afraid to take it.

Also! I’m going to be an aunt again on the 5th of December (hopefully)! My baby brother and his wife are expecting a little boy they are naming Kade. I’m so excited for them! It’s been a rough pregnancy for them, so fingers crossed she has a smooth delivery!

Black Friday. People, I’m totally over going out into those crowds. However, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday I managed to punch a big hole in my budget! So many packages coming in! I think I need to contact the post office. We’ve had two packages that our notifications say were left in a parcel locker, but we haven’t gotten any keys to one. Seems these packages are lost somewhere. I’m going to leave a note in my mailbox today and ask the carrier where the heck those packages are! Thankfully, neither are gifts. But I paid a pretty penny for my Keto electrolyte supplements and I want them!

How did everyone else spend their Thanksgiving holiday? Did you brave the crowds and get some shopping done? Also, while you are here, check out the sale is having on it’s subscriptions! I have links at the top of the page and in the sidebar. I know I want subscriptions to things for the holidays, I’m sure you have someone on your list that would love a year of great listening! Then again, why buy for someone else? Hook yourself up for some audiobooks!