Bookish Life Budget 2015 – Apr Check In

Posted May 1, 2015 by Tanya in Book Haul, Budget / 6 Comments


Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
RT15 Final Payment $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
B&N Membership Renewal $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Buns & Roses Event Ticket $45.00 $0.00 $45.00
Readers & ‘Ritas 2015 Event Ticket $170.12 $0.00 $170.12
Boas & Tiaras 2015 Event Ticket $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Audible Subscription $223.56 $24.84 $198.72
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $557.04 $45.34 $511.70
Total: $995.72 $70.18 $925.54

New Additions this month:

seaofshadows magicbreaks midnightstemptation
nightplay visions200x300 chainedbynight
pleasureofadarkprince spidersbite closeryoucome
magicslays magicrises midnightrescue
midnightalias midnightgames midnightpursuits
midnightaction dayshift

Right now I’m shaking my head wondering what the hell I was thinking getting this many books this month! Especially with RT coming up, I need to find a way to get some of these read. I’m really excited with how much I have left in the budget. I know you get a lot of goodies at RT, but I just know going through that signing I’m going to be picking up books left and right. They posted some “guidelines” on how the signing will work for those books brought from home. You can only take 10 into the signing room at a time, but there will be a place you can stash your others and make multiple trips. They will not be stamping the books. Also, it is “strongly encouraged” to only bring 2 books per author from home. The two books per author was a tough one last year for me since they were stamping them and saw everything I brought. I’m thinking if I only bring in two at a time and visit an author more than once, no one will know! 😉

How was your book buying this month? Are you coming to RT this year?