Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Blog Offense or Defense

Posted August 23, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 7 Comments


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Are you on the offense or defense when it comes to your blog?

I am very self-conscious in pretty much everything I do. I also avoid conflict as much as possible. To me, that means that I really don’t do either of these things. There is always the person here or there that will comment negatively about something they see or that I said on the blog. Inside I feel defensive, but I also wonder if maybe there is a bit of truth to what they are saying. In that case, I won’t vocally be defensive. I will probably not say anything at all and self-doubt may keep the comment roiling in my head until I’m wondering if I should even continue to blog. Yes, I’m that sensitive. It’s a problem.

To be on the offense I believe you must be confident in yourself and what you’ve built. I’m kind of on the fence here on what being on the “offense” means. If offense means pushing your blog, I think you could call that promotion. I don’t do nearly enough of that. My blog is made up of things I like and am interested in. I should be talking about it and finding people that are interested too. I would say I’m not on the offense about my blog at all.

I don’t really think you could say I’m either of these things when it comes down to it. I sort of float along and hope that someone will be interested and engage with me. But, thinking about this has made me decide to make a goal of becoming more on the offense of my blog. This question sure has brought about a lot of reflection on myself. There is work to be done here.

How do you feel you support or defend your blog? Have you ever had the need to actively defend your blog for some reason?