Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Do You Procrastinate When Writing Reviews

Posted July 26, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 8 Comments


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Do You Procrastinate When Writing Reviews?

I believe I am the queen of procrastination. I have tried many different ways to make myself write at least my notes as soon as I finish a book. I’ve carried notebooks in my purse, in the dash of my car, the notes section in my planner, and finally I’m using the Word Google app.

The biggest problem is that I do not give myself any time between books to get my thoughts together. I close one book to immediately open the next. When I finish an audio, I have the next already downloaded and ready to go. With the audios, it is normally in the car when I switch over. I tell myself I will write down my thoughts as SOON as I get home. Never happens.

I’m bad about waiting until the weekend to prep the next week’s posts. I like to have at least two reviews for that week. At that point I sit down and have to do a whole “Notes” section to bring the book back into my mind, then pull a review together. That is basically twice the work on the weekend. If I just got myself into a routine and not let myself go right into a new book without at least writing notes, I could put the reviews out faster. You would not believe how many drafts I have sitting waiting to be written!

Part of what makes me procrastinate is knowing how much work going into the review is going to be. Doing the notes to refresh my brain, then forming a review, takes a lot of time. Especially if I’ve read a few books in between. Trying to do two on the weekend as well as any other posts I’d like to do, pretty much takes a whole day. Sometimes that is ok, but other times, I leave it until I freak that I haven’t done anything. When I feel the pressure of trying to fit in the time, I can’t focus on the book enough to come up with my thoughts. I need to come up with a good, firm routine that will get me to at least make notes at the end of the book. Ah, the downfalls of being a procrastinator.

Do you procrastinate with your reviews? Have you found any routines that help keep you from falling behind? Help me out with your ideas!