Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Evolution of My Blog

Posted August 25, 2015 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 4 Comments


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This week’s topic:

Talk about your blog. What features does it have? How has it evolved since it started?

It has been a few years since I first started blogging. I’ve lost track, and should probably go back and look to see. I know a lot of back end things have changed, but I’m not sure much on the front is different.

I started out on Blogger. Tried to do my own backgrounds and images (wow, that was a bad idea!) and most of my posts contained blog hops and reviews. I was on a tear trying to get those follower numbers up. At that time, I was still a wee one, and probably looked utterly unprofessional.

There was a slump, where I was spending time on the blog, but was unhappy with it. It was taking forever to do posts and make things the way I wanted them. Getting followers seemed an insurmountable feat. I decided things needed to change or I should just pack it up. I did some deep thinking and thought if I did some work, cleaned up the site, started concentrating on having more fun and less on the numbers, I would enjoy it more.

So, I switched my blog over to a self-hosted WordPress. The plugins made my life so much easier that it wasn’t so time consuming to do a post. I also don’t do a lot of hops or giveaways trying to draw in big numbers. I decided to focus on what I wanted to do. I wanted to review and make new friends so I mostly do memes like this one that show a little of myself in them.

Then my big decision. My graphics and layout. This is a hobby. Did I want to spend the money to have my site professionally done. In the end, I decided it was worth it. I’m really happy about it and think Rachel over at Parajunkee did a great job.

So over time, my blog has grown up in it’s focus and it’s visual appeal. It makes me happy and I think that was the point to begin with. I do love followers, but I’m not going to force them to follow me when they don’t really enjoy what I post. I want people to like dropping by to see what I’m up to and what I’ve read lately.

Have you been visiting with me for awhile and noticed the changes? Did your blog have some growing pains along the way?