Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Blogging Mistakes

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Due to scheduling issues, this topic is a bit behind.

This week’s topic:

What blogging mistakes you would try not to repeat.

When I first started blogging, my intent was to talk about the books I read and hopefully generate interaction. I found out very quickly that it is really hard to get followers, that would then turn into these people I wanted to interact with. I held giveaways to try and lure people in. I found though that even though you get a good number of followers, they don’t usually come back. The entrants would use the easy entries like tweeting the contest, or sending out FB messages, but not a lot of people actually “followed”. I looked at those stats and decided that giveaways were not something I could rely on to achieve my followers goal. I still host giveaways, but I try to mainly do sponsored and make sure to include my newsletter signup option. It still does not help the numbers, but at least now I don’t get too disappointed with the results.

Another problem I have is, taking the time to interact with other bloggers on their blogs. I notice a great increase in traffic when I take the time to visit others and even just say hi. I really try to take the time, but I have a difficulty splitting my limited online time between visiting others and taking care of my own blog. It is definitely a question of priorities, but it really takes some good time management and organization to create those bonds with other bloggers.

Kind of a follow up to the previous problem, is keeping up with social media. I desperately hate Facebook pages. I push my posts out there, but the view stats are ridiculous and interaction is pretty much nil. If my posts on my page are not getting views, they will never generate interaction. Twitter totally overwhelms me. I’ve read some really good posts, including this one by Parajunkee, but things move so fast. Also, I have a shyness that keeps me from jumping in on others conversations. I know I have to get by it to make the connections, but it really is hard.

Wow, this is turning into all the mistakes I make and just keep on making! I have good intentions though!

One other hurdle I face is original content. It is hard not to get caught up in the promo tours going on. I try to toss in some of my own thoughts so it is not so cookie-cutter, but it truly is not an original post. I find I do a lot of memes in between my reviews. The topics are not original, but I find some of them really fun and a great way to learn about my readers and for them to learn more about me. I now try to limit those tours, but I would really like to come up with some great post idea that hasn’t been totally overdone. That is a goal of mine.

My last mistake I’ll mention today is taking every book offered to me. I saw it as a way to make a connection with the author/tour company, whatever. But what ended up happening was I was reading a lot of books I had no interest in. The funny thing is, I say this with a huge backlog of books to be read and reviewed. At least these I know I’m looking forward to and just had to make my way to them!

That is my list of some blogger mistakes I’ve made. I think they are pretty generic to a lot of bloggers. Maybe not the ones that are more outgoing than I am, but I’m sure some of you can relate. What kind of blogging mistakes have you made that you are trying to change?