My Signed Copy of Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Posted March 30, 2012 by Tanya in Discussions / 5 Comments

I am in such a dilemma.  I received my signed copy of Lover Reborn from the Virtual Signing.  I was truly amazed when I opened the box and saw how the book was wrapped.  It had a gold sticker with my name, a dagger and a number.  I’m not really sure what the number means.  I sure hope the number is not the number of books she signed because, wow, it would be incredible if she still had a hand after that.  I think my number was 3145 or something like that.  This thing even has a gold sticker saying it was inspected by Fritz!  So the dilemma now is, do I open it? I do NOT want to damage this wrapping in anyway, but I’m dying to know if something is written inside.  I mean, it’s just a signature right?  What if she wrote a note though?  Then I’m going to miss it because I put the book on my Most Treasured book shelf without fully looking it over.  I have a copy on my kindle, so besides wanting to see if there is a message inside, it is not a necessity to open it.  This could be a collectible!  Just like all those toys that are in their original packaging are worth more.  It is my name though, and I will probably keep this until I’m dust.  My family is pretty convinced I’m crazy after seeing me struggle with this.

So to help me with my dilemma, I’m hoping anyone who has received their copy could tell me what they did!  Am I just a nut-job fan who needs to get over it and open it, or am I justified in keeping something like this whole and treasured?  I would love to hear your comments!  

If you do not have any idea why I’m as crazy about this series as I am, you need to read it.  Everyone has to love this series, because I said so!  Read Dark Lover to get started and you can enter my giveaway to win a copy or you can buy it here:

So leave your comments, crazy/not crazy, open it/leave it alone.  What do you think?