Ranting Discussion ~ Booktube

Posted July 16, 2014 by Tanya in Discussions / 2 Comments


Lately I’ve been fascinated with Booktubers. I don’t read a lot of YA, and that is mostly what I am seeing for Booktubers, but it is so much fun to actually see how excited they are about the books they are reading. Not to mention glimpses of their beautiful book shelves!

As a lot of you are probably seeing on Twitter, Booktubeathon is this week. A lot of videos being posted and challenges being met. Sounds like a lot of fun. Kind of like Dewey’s Readathon I think. If you are interested in what is going on, check out their BookTubeAThon channel on YouTube.

I thought, by watching the videos, that being a booktuber must be really hard. I mean, having to deal with special equipment and video editing software stuff would take more time and effort right? But after some conversations with others I’ve come to realize that we bloggers put just as much time and effort into writing our posts, so once we got the hang of it, we’d be set.

Some of the channels I follow feature really cute, youngish (compared to me, that is) booktubers, who have these amazing followings. My annoyance is that I can’t find many adult, or romance booktubers out there. I think showing off some hot covers and talking about them in a video would generate a lot of traffic. Is it that the older readers do not visit YouTube much? I know why I don’t make videos, but I’m sure there must be some readers of romance or other genres besides YA that would consider it. I would encourage it! I would watch, and I’m sure if we used our blogs to generate traffic to those that were brave enough to do videos, we could get a pretty big following too. Here are a couple of booktubers I frequently watch:

Do you know of any booktubers that feature romance, paranormal romance or any other adult genre? Would you consider making videos if you thought you would get a good following? Let me know what you think in the comments!