Ranting Discussion ~ Time Management

Posted April 14, 2015 by Tanya in Discussions / 14 Comments


Today I want to talk about something that I’m really struggling with. Time management. So, I’ve been finding work really stressful and that is putting a big damper on after work activities. I’ve been trying to participate in the #FitReaders challenge, but that worn out feeling after a day at work has become a hill that gets harder to climb as the week goes on. Also, because so much of my work is on the computer, I hate the thing by the end of the day and do not want to be on it at all. Meaning, blog work and visiting other blogs does not get much attention.

We all talk about being in blogging slumps, but I don’t really feel it is a blogging slump. More of a life slump and I think I need to do some time management so I can fit in those things I love, despite the stressful days. I have been getting up a bit earlier, but then it is a fight between whether I spend some time writing posts, or visiting other blogs. I know, not just from others, but actual experience, the less I visit, the less visits I get. I need to fit that in, but this hour I try to squeeze in just is not getting both accomplished.

In a day, I would like to squeeze in:

  • Blogging (writing and preparing posts)
  • Visiting and commenting on some of the blogs I follow
  • Work (obviously, got to pay those hosting fees somehow)
  • At least a 30 minute walk
  • Dinner (duh)
  • Shower (another “duh”)
  • Pay bills (yuck)
  • An hour of my favorite evening shows
  • Read (at least an hour)
  • Social media

You would not think those few tasks would be that hard to fit in. Especially when I am spoiled rotten by my daughter who cooks and cleans up dinners. Part of which has prompted this post. She has decided with her school work load and preparing to move out, she is going to cut back on what she does around the house. I’m in a panic. I can’t fit in everything now, what am I going to do when I have to cook my own meals and clean?! Don’t laugh. I have been seriously spoiled for years and have no idea how to cook anymore. We will likely live on macaroni and cheese.

Now, the list may seem short, but when you add in work stress, like I’m sure you all know, this can seem pretty daunting. If I save up all the blogging for the weekend, I’m in my chair ALL DAY. That makes the blogging seem like a chore and another day at the office. There has to be a way to balance it all without the craziness and exhaustion of trying to fit it all in. I am so interested in what you all do to stay sane and organize your days. Share your strategies in the comments and let’s compile them later to compare notes.