Tell Me Something Tuesday ~ Picking Up Books Outside Your Comfort Zone

Posted June 28, 2016 by Tanya in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 7 Comments


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How likely are you to pick up a book outside your comfort zone if it’s getting great reviews?

Let me tell ya, I am one of the most pig-headed people ever. There are just some genres that I won’t pick up. I am just as stubborn when it comes to picking up an Apple product. My excuses are weak, I just can’t deviate from my ways.

I can see a historical romance book getting awesome reviews on so many blogs, but I just don’t pick it up. Why? I have convinced myself that since I am unfamiliar with the politics and culture of that time period, I’m not going to enjoy the book like everyone else.

There are some genres that I will add to my TBR if I see a lot of excitement in the community for it. However, they normally end up on my TBR and then set at the back of the line because there are so many books in my favorite genres that I haven’t read yet. There is a kind of hierarchy in genres that will turn my head if they are getting great reviews. The closer they are to the attributes I love about paranormal romance and urban fantasy, the more I will be swayed. That makes the review itself, not just the rating so important to me. Details of what kind of elements the book has, as well as the rating, together will make my ears prick up.

Book club used to help me get outside that comfort zone. I haven’t been to one in a very long time and have become overrun with paranormal romance and urban fantasy to read, so the motivation to stick a toe in the water has disappeared almost completely.

So, I am not the most likely to pick up a book out of my comfort zone despite the reviews. Either because of my overwhelming amount of my favorite genres to read, or because of previous disappointments, other’s great reviews of certain genres will not usually sway me.

Yep, I’m narrow-minded. This question just made me realize how bad I am. I am going to try much harder to be open to books out of my comfort zone relying on reviews so I won’t be disappointed. I’ve already gotten a start I believe. I’m dying to read You by Caroline Kepnes. See, a leopard can change its spots!