Top Ten Tuesday ~ Ten Book Related Problems

Posted February 17, 2015 by Tanya in Top Ten / 6 Comments

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Topic for February 17, 2015 is the ten book related problems

We all know we have them. We are book bloggers, which means a good chunk of our lives revolves around books and our love for them. This is hard for me too because my family are not big readers. I have, however, begun the transformation of my daughter into an avid reader, so I now have back up!

  1. Money. This may seem like an overall life problem, but those life problems keep cutting into my book buying money! I mean, why do these people need to eat? Don’t they know the latest book from my favorite author is coming out?
  2. Shelf space. I started out collecting only the hard cover editions to my favorite books. But it soon turned into an addiction I no longer have control over. I know I’ve read a lot of these on my kindle. I know the ones on the shelves I will probably watch for sales on Amazon for. But it’s the whole idea of being able to SEE them. I want to use rooms that I can show off my collection, but I think the next room is going to have to be a spare room. That saddens me.
  3. Work. I guess that could go with money, since I would not be able to buy my books without money. But why does it have to take up so much of my time. I would totally vote for longer lunch breaks. Maybe 3 or 4 hours in the afternoon?
  4. Food that takes two hands to eat. How am I supposed to hold my book and eat? I could listen to my audiobook. But for some reason, family members think this is a time to interact. It is hard to pretend I am listening when I have headphones in! So, I cut all my food into little bites like I used to for the kids, so I have one hand free!
  5. Time. Why does a body need sleep? That is a good 8 hours of reading time that is totally wasted. At my reading pace, I could probably get two books in. Think of what that would do to my TBR pile!
  6. Phone calls. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I only get to listen to my audiobooks when I am driving, or when I’m walking. My car stereo does not do the media audio on my phone so I had to use the aux cable. Well that broke, so I had to use an app to make it play. That caused big problems whenever I got a phone call. Trying to reset the stupid app before I missed half a chapter was a challenge. Also, that is my listening time. I figured out how to put a block on my phone, but I could only choose one time period so I used it for the evening ride home. I also received a bluetooth speaker for my car so I’m in heaven. Now I just have to deal with the morning phone calls.
  7. Netflix. Don’t get me wrong. I love the shows I watch. But that could also be reading time. You can do whole season marathons on a show and then I will feel guilty as hell because I lost a week of reading and put myself behind on my GR challenge!
  8. People who make fun of readers. I tell them they are just not reading the books that would actually make their reading gene kick in. For some though, I just think they are jealous that I get to live in a thousand different worlds. Besides, my brain is definitely getting more activity!
  9. Guilt. What could that package be at the door? Could it be new clothes for the kids, some awesome thing for hubby and his hobbies. Some new household necessity? Oh look! It’s another book! The disappointment on the family’s faces sometimes causes a wee bit of guilt. Hubby can’t complain too loudly. About once a week that package at the door contains his protein shots, so :p .
  10. Mistreatment of books. WHY do stores put stickers on the books? WHY do people fold down pages? WHY do people crack spines? I know a lot of these things are done in the name of love for the book. But in the end, that book is not going to last as long as the ones that are as pristine at the end as they were at the beginning. It bothers me when a book is “well loved” as some say, but the sticker thing is over the top. That shit demands some retribution!

This is just the beginning. Social events, chauffeur duties, errands, all that other stuff that intrudes on my reading time. So what are your biggest book related problems?