Ranting Discussion ~ Social Media Dilemmas

Posted July 15, 2015 by Tanya in Discussions / 8 Comments


Today I’m going to rant about something that totally stresses me out. Social Media. I have become really confused and overwhelmed by the options out there right now and what is best for my blog. There seem to be both pros and cons to each platform. The problem is picking the ones that will bring your blog the most traffic, or generate the most interaction.

I really struggle with time management, and that affects my posting to social media as well as my visits to other blogs. It really helps to have people jump in on the posts I do make as that drives me to that platform more. If that is where I’m getting seen and people are interacting with me, then that is where I feel I should focus my attention. The problem with that thought process is that I’m not even giving the other platforms their opportunity.

When I look at my referral stats in Google Analytics, I see that a big chunk of my visits come from Disqus. That means that people are clicking on me from my comments on other blogs. That makes me want to get back onto Bloglovin and get my butt in gear visiting and commenting on other blogs. My next group comes from Facebook (believe it or not), so I try focusing on getting on my account and interacting more. My Facebook account does post to my Twitter, so it is a little easier just to post on my Facebook Page. The problem with that is I’m actually doing something than annoys the crap out of me. I really don’t like seeing those Facebook generated Twitter posts. It takes me out of Twitter when I have to finish reading a post and then I have to get back, which is frustrating for me. Posting like this definitely saves time, but is not always the way to go when your followers just want to stay in the Twitter world.

A frustrating fact I’ve noticed is on Google+. My posts are set to automatically post to both my Google+ profile and page. I do not see one visitor from that platform. This makes me wonder just how widely used this platform is. I will admit I do not visit much. I wait for that little alert on my browser and then go take a peek. I get some of those +1’s, but no visitors. It seems to be a waste of time. Other social media platforms I post to do not get generate any hits either, like my Instagram or Pinterest.

Sometimes, when I’m really in a rush, I will use Hootsuite. When I use this, I always post to Twitter, Facebook & Google+. I’ve read a lot of speculation on how these third party posting apps get rated when they are sent. I did hear that Facebook rates them pretty low and doesn’t give you the visibility a post directly from the page would give you. I don’t have any proof of that, but that is what I heard. I get nothing from Goodreads when I post a review. That I can expect since the review is right there for them to read, but the hope is for them to come back to read the other posts I may make. I don’t think that is really a purpose of Goodreads, but a girl can hope, right?


All this information from my stats makes me wonder where I should focus my attention. Should I continue trying to improve the platforms that are getting me hits and try to find a way to fit in the other ones that get me no response, or should I chock those low generators up to lost causes and turn up the heat on the ones that are actually helping?
Do you have a trick that helps you hit all the social media platforms in a timely manner? Do you focus on specific places that are your best traffic drivers? I would love to hear how you all organize your blog promotion as well as connection with blog followers. Time management tips on handling all these options would be helpful too!