15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 6

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Day 6!
Describe how you shop for books

Book shopping for me normally stems from me finding people who have reviewed books I have read with similar ratings then I look at their other reviews.  This is something that I haven’t been doing, but really need to, but I always look for star ratings on reviews.  If, say, someone rated Kresley Cole’s books about the same as I did, I would look at their other reviews but only look at the star rating.  I have an aversion to reading reviews until after I have read the book.  Been burned by spoilers too often.
Most of my book shopping is online, so above is my main way to shop.  Now, put me in a physical book store and first I check out the main displays and bargain shelves.  Then I head to my favorite genre and find my favorite authors.  I start picking up books surrounding the ones I’ve already read, check out the synopsis and scan them into my phone to see how many average stars they have. 
Such a process!  It’s a wonder I get any reading done at all! 
How do you shop for books?