Bookish Life Budget ~ June 2021 Update

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Bookish Life Budget 2021

Wow, did June ever go by fast! I was so work focused that I don’t think I did anything else. Besides blogging there is another task I’m trying to spend some time on, but nope, just not happening. I really need to follow my schedule instead of burying myself in work and not taking time for my other stuff. There is one major plus though. I have finally trained my mind to be able to listen to audiobooks at the same time as I work. At first it slowed me down some, and my job is really fast-paced, but I’m on a roll now and I am getting worried that I may have lowered my Audible subscription too soon. I used up a ton binging the Reaper series by Donna Grant. I chose that series to start working with because the books are fairly short. I’m really happy that I’ve got that figured out. I was missing my audiobooks. Now I’m back to racing through the audiobooks faster than the ebooks again. Although, the ebooks have been going pretty well lately too.

Now, to address this budget. I think I’m in trouble. I just don’t understand how I could have used up so much of my book budget and it’s only the first of July. I will need to go back to last year and see how much I budgeted for books, because this is a tragedy. There was a trip to a Half Price Books that I had never been to that took a big chunk this month. I grabbed a lot of shelf candy. If I continue on the road I’ve been on with my reading increasing, that little bit I have left is just not going to cut it. I thought maybe with my reduction in my Audible subscription it might make up a little, but I seriously think I need to go back to my old Audible plan. So, in July I will be crunching some numbers taking into account the upcoming releases to see what I need to do.

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
B&N Membership Renewal $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Audible Subscription $170.66 $15.88 $154.78
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $199.88 $136.15 $63.73
Total: $370.54 $152.03 $218.51

Like I said, I binged Donna Grant’s Reaper series so I did grab all of those with some Audible credits. All of the physical books are shelf candy. I did pick up A Warm Heart In Winter because I realized I was behind in the series and needed to get caught up. But, did you think I looked to see if it was on my shelf already. Nope. Could have read the paperback and saved a couple of bucks. Laurell K Hamilton has fallen quite far down my auto buy author list, but the ones I picked up were all the hard cover editions and I am a sucker for a hard cover. All my Merry Gentry copies were paperback. I’m going to have a pile to either have giveaways or take to HPB. Also, I’m so excited by this, I found EVERY ONE of the Psy-Changeling I was missing! I have the whole series now! That HPB was amazing. So many books I didn’t have! There is one complaint this month. At first, I was disappointed that Heartless wasn’t coming out in hard cover (only library hard cover editions). I had asked early, so I knew in advance. I was prepared for the paperback. However, this paperback is not the size of any of the books on my shelf. It is wider so it sticks out further and sits at a height that is between MMP and regular PB. It took me TWO DAYS to figure out where I was going to put it on my shelf. I’ve got it in a place that is not so noticeable now, but it threw my system off. Anyway, this is the haul I had for June.

Heartless Gena Showalter

So that is all the pretties I hauled this month. I’m really hoping I can get caught up on reviews so you guys can hear how much I loved the Reapers. There is definitely going to have to be some kind of arrangements made on my review books. There are just too many on my read list now that I haven’t reviewed yet. Gotta get movin!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Share some of your goodies for the month, or let me know what you thought of the reads I hauled.