Bookish Life Budget ~ April 2021 Update

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Bookish Life Budget 2021

April has kind of been a crazy month. I had some physical issues before, but they seem to have gone into the extreme since I received my second Moderna shot. At first it was the usual fever, etc. that everyone else has been experiencing. But then I’ve had a headache almost every day since and my blood pressure has been through the roof. For some reason my doctor doesn’t think the headaches are related to the blood pressure, so he’s going to just try and treat the blood pressure. He thinks the headaches are from the vaccination. I always thought headaches came with high blood pressure, but hey, what do I know?!

I’m still going through a lot of transition in the work area. I’m really nervous about the changes I’m making, but on the other hand, I feel tons better. May is going to bring even more freedom and control over my life and I’m so excited. It is going to require me to really look at the schedule I make for myself and stick to it. Which is hard since my attention span has been next to zero and I don’t feel like I can take anything because of my blood pressure. This is going to be quite the adventure!

I didn’t overspend on books as much as I did last month, but it was like a catch up month. Plus there were some anxiously awaited new releases. I am thinking about reducing my Audible subscription since I have such a huge library now, yet less time to listen. I haven’t mastered working and listening at the same time. Definitely on the agenda for May! But realistically, it would be smarter to go down to the lesser plan for now. I don’t want to lose credits and I always seem to be getting a bunch of books it will take me forever to get to just to make sure I don’t lose the credits. But for now, below is the Bookish Budget results for April!

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
B&N Membership Renewal $25.00 $25.00 $0.00
Audible Subscription $219.42 $24.38 $195.04
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $359.71 $111.39 $248.32
Total: $579.13 $135.77 $443.36

So I have quite a mixture in my book haul this month. I got the novellas Donna Grant wrote for the ending of the Dark Kings series, with Rhi and Con. Have to admit, the novellas did a great job in catching me up in my Goodreads challenge! I also purchased books in multiple formats. For example, in a previous budget I revealed the amount I spent on Lover Unveiled’s virtual signing, but this month, I got the ebook as well. I had a terrible panic moment when I went to start that. I realized I never did read the Jackal or A Warm Heart In Winter which I really think I need to read first. So I jumped into the Warlord. This is another book I bought an ebook and SIGNED hard cover copy of. As I couldn’t get there, I had my kids searching the Walmarts for that signed copy! The Warlord was a double whammy on the budget this month. I did get a couple paperbacks as well. Last Strand has been released and I wanted the paperback but I’m waiting for the audio to read the book. I think it’s released in July. I also ordered Wicked Hour by Chloe Neill because I had preordered the paperback of Shadowed Steel that releases tomorrow, but realized I didn’t have Wicked Hour on my shelf! What an oversight! I’m caught up now so I feel better.

The Warlord Gena Showalter Lover Unveiled J.R. Ward

So that was my haul for April. Did you pick up great reads? I am looking forward to May as I have a few anticipated reads coming out. Are there any on your list?