Bookish Life Budget ~ September 2020 Update

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September really flew by. I don’t even know where these days are going but if it means 2020 will be over sooner, I’m all for it! I’ve seen a lot of organizations holding virtual events, but I’m just not one to join in on those. My computer is right out in the main living area and I really don’t want to do something like that with all my family moving around. I guess that is good for the budget.

We are doing it! We have accepted a quote to build floor to ceiling book shelves in my library. It’s been kind of a problem for the contractor to get materials start dates have been moved around a few times. I’m excited to see what it looks like. I will then be on the lookout for a new desk for hubby’s computer. I don’t want to buy one before I see what the shelves look like and how I’m going to now arrange my wall decor. Pictures will definitely shared on social media and here on October’s update. Keep an eye out!

My Audible membership was put on hold. I have to go through and spend some credits before it starts back up again. All the series I have on my wishlist are really long, so that should help, but I am also intimidated by them. I am open to shorter listens with good narrators. There are a few bloggers I will definitely be hitting up before I decide what to spend my credits on. So without my subscription monthly cost, this month’s budget was pretty slim!

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
B&N Membership Renewal $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Readers & ‘Ritas 2020 Event Ticket $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Buns & Roses + Bear $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Boas & Tiaras $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Audible Subscription $97.52 $0.00 $97.52
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $652.14 $23.33 $628.81
Total: $749.66 $23.33 $726.33

My acquisition of the Hidden Legacy books this month came because of the ending to Emerald Blaze. I wanted to read that epilogue after I listened to it. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how it ended. Who is Trevor??? Who are these mystery people? I wish I could do a search in physical books to find any references to this Trevor person. It is driving me nuts. Anyway, that question drove me to get the MMP of Emerald Blaze. When I entered it into my library spreadsheet that I track my physical books, I noticed I was missing Sapphire Flames, so I grabbed that too. So I’m caught up with the physical on that series. Now that my renovated library is coming to fruition I’ve been looking through that spreadsheet to see what books I’m missing out of series. Probably not the best thing for a collector like me.

I also HAD to get the final book in the Dark Kings series by Donna Grant. I ordered a virtual signed copy with swag. I also got the ebook so I didn’t have to read my signed copy. So here are the goodies I acquired in September!

Inferno Donna Grant Dark Kings 
Sapphire Flames Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy emerald blaze by ilona andrews Inferno by Donna Grant

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I’m not getting much reading done. The last book I read took me almost a month and a half to read. Mainly because I refuse to DNF. Have you read anything good lately? Do you have some good audio recs that are not too long? Make sure to leave them in the comments!
Happy October and Halloween!