Bookish Life Budget ~ March 2020 Update

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March has been the month of the Corona virus. Most people are in stay at home orders. Delivery services are swamped and hoarding is crazy. I actually started working from home a bit before the order went in place. I have emphysema and the thought of getting a respiratory illness like Covid 19 has me terrified. It is a lot of work wiping down everything that comes into the house and maintaining social distancing. My dogs are loving it though. I have couch buddies so I work in a very uncomfortable position! Dogs next to me and in my lap. I love the cuddles. It is a really scary time. I hope everyone is abiding by the orders in your city and also maintaining social distancing and washing your hands!

So below is what I spent in March. I couldn’t remember if I already put in what I spent on the virtual signed copy of The Sinner, so I didn’t include it. I did, however, also purchase the Kindle version of The Sinner. When it came to The Darkest King by Gena Showalter, I just read the signed hard cover that I had. But in doing that, I realized one of my pugs who has extreme anxiety, was scared to death of my reading light. So for The Sinner, I’m going to stick to my Kindle.

The author line-ups are coming out for some of the cons I’ve got listed in my budget, and I’m feeling like they are going to be cut drastically. Even the ones for the fall. There really aren’t any authors that I am excited about spending the money to see, so I might have a bigger book budget by the end of the year. There are some hard covers I am DYING to pick up for my library.

Despite all the time at home, my spending for the month was pretty minimal. I would say that is all due to Animal Crossing. At first it was Luigi’s Mansion, but I’m at a point that I’m stuck on that game and my son convinced me to try Animal Crossing which I’m totally obsessed with. I pretty much spent all of yesterday playing that game. It’s addicting for sure. I’ve been switching to reading when my Switch runs out of battery. It’s been fun. This is what I’ve spent for March in my bookish life.

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
B&N Membership Renewal $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Readers & ‘Ritas 2020 Event Ticket $232.00 $0.00 $232.00
Buns & Roses + Bear $75.00 $0.00 $75.00
Boas & Tiaras $50.00 $0.00 $50.00
Audible Subscription $243.80 $24.38 $219.42
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $516.03 $14.86 $501.17
Total: $1116.83 $39.24 $1077.59

I did use a credit to get the audio for Smoke Bitten, but I also got the hard cover with an Amazon credit I had. I absolutely love Patricia Brigg’s covers and always grab them for my library. I did get Alpha Night in ebook from Netgalley, but I’m wondering if I can hold out for the audiobook. I’ve been listening to this series, but I am so excited for this book I don’t know if I can wait. It was also very exciting for me when I saw that Ilona Andrews put out Sweep With Me in audio. It was great. Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy was a series I started a few years ago. I didn’t pick up the 3rd book, but when I saw the audio was available I decided to pick it up. When I chose the books I did for audio, I was still travelling back and forth to work. Unfortunately, I’m not in the car much or on the treadmill much, so I haven’t had much listening time. I’m going to try and listen while I’m working to get the time in. I’ve always had a hard time focusing on both.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Since we are all spending time at home, have you all picked up some awesome reads? Do you feel like the stay at home order has affected your schedule and your reading? I’m definitely getting more ebook time than listening. I’m hoping to work on that in the coming weeks.

Let me know how you’re dealing with this crisis. Have you come up with some new hobbies? Are you homeschooling? Stay Safe!