Bookish Life Budget ~ August 2017 Update

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This month I received my Virtual Signing of The Devil’s Cut, which I don’t believe I took out of the budget yet. I think I was waiting for it to come in. However, I did pause my Audible account, so I have a few months without payments for that. I think it would just be easier to buy a year’s membership to Audible at the beginning of the year. Watching every month to make sure I didn’t lose credits because I had too many was a pain. I need to catch up on all the audiobooks I currently have in my library, plus all the review audios coming in.

This post is going up a bit late, and in fact will be into September when it posts. Do you know what that means?? NOLASTORYCON!! I’m so excited I could cry. I have to go through my shelves and pick out the books I’m going to take with me. Even though I said I wasn’t going to buy any more books and I was going to save up, Half Price Books and my local Recycled Books are having 20% off sales this weekend. Meaning I can pick up books for some of the authors attending that I don’t own. I know I’m going to end up buying books while I’m there, but if I can get a few in a sale, all the better. Anyway, let’s see what my numbers were like for August. For some reason I just wanted to put “It’s the tale of the tape”. Too much UFC people.

Category Previous Balance Spent This Month Remaining Balance
Barnes & Noble $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
NOLA Story Con $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Buns & Roses (w/Bear) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Boas & Tiaras $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Readers & Ritas $180.37 $0.00 $180.37
Audible $124.23 $0.00 $124.23
Books $591.32 $43.92 $547.40
Totals Starting Budget Amount Spent Remaining Budget
$888.25 $43.92 $844.33

I feel like I’ve still got some room to move in the book department, so a little bit of second hand store shopping this weekend shouldn’t break me. I’ve been trying to be really good this past month and get a handle on my spending. Including that of my Etsy store. I did pretty well cutting down on the amount of material I bought. I have mostly been brainstorming on what I want to make next. It is so hard with the holidays coming up. I want to make a lot of bookish things that would be great gifts, but I find I’m doing more with planner stuff. At least that has been what has been selling. So even doing planner stuff, the end of the year is coming and people will be looking for that stuff too. I need to get a list together and then put my head down and get some work done. I have found that I’m spending more time getting my posts on the blog done than doing any crafting. Also my reading has picked up. I don’t know if that is an avoidance issue or I’m just coming out of a book slump.

Texas has taken a pretty big hit this month with Hurricane Harvey and I hope that all my readers and other bloggers are safe, sound and dry. I’ve donated, but if any of you are in need of something in particular, let me know. Don’t feel weird, just let me know what you need. I live in the DFW area and we escaped the storm. We have a lot of evacuees here. It is nice to see so many people jumping in to help. Especially with all the crazy hate that has been flying around. I won’t go there though. Well I will say this, my future daughter-in-law (as I think of her now), is in a government class at her university, and when the 300 student class was asked if they were happy with today’s government, only 1 person raised their hand. That is so telling. BUT, I’m not going to get political and ruin my mood!

August brought my wedding anniversary. Troy and I have been married 24 years now. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have been married that long. We went all out this year, (I’m hoping because he’s saving for the big 25 next year) and we had pizza for dinner to celebrate. We’re homebodies and pretty anti-social, so this was pretty normal for us.

So, let’s get into what books made their way into my hands this month! That’s always fun!

I hope everyone had a great August! Let me know what goodies you got or any good news you may have! Tell me what fun things you’ve been up to!