Waiting On Wednesday ~ White Trash Zombie Unchained by Diana Rowland @DianaRowland @BerkleyRomance

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Waiting on Wednesday is a feature hosted by Breaking The Spine. This is my anticipated book of the week!
White Trash Zombie Unchained by Diana Rowland 

Angel Crawford has finally pulled herself together (literally!) after her disastrous dismemberment on Mardi Gras. She’s putting the pieces of her life back in order and is ready to tackle whatever the future holds.

Too bad the future is a nasty bitch. There’s a new kind of zombie in town: mindless shamblers, infectious and ravenous.

With the threat of a full-blown shambler pandemic looming, and a loved one stricken, Angel and the “real” zombies scramble to find a cure. Yet when Angel uncovers the true reason the plague is spreading so quickly, she adds “no-holds-barred revenge” to her to-do list.

Angel is busting her ass dealing with shambling hordes, zombie gators, government jerks, and way too many mosquitos, but this white trash chick ain’t giving up.

Good thing, since the fate of the world is resting on her undead shoulders. 


White Trash Zombie Unchained is a book I am dying to get my hands on! Angel has been through a lot in the past few books. There have been major ups and downs in her life. It’s a struggle for her to just stay on the straight and narrow herself, but all that happens around her makes life so much more difficult!

I keep wanting to watch iZombie just to see if there are any similarities. I will get to that one of these days. I hope it makes me laugh as much as this series does!

I was really, really hoping they would have the audio links up for this by now, as I usually listen to this series. The narration is amazing. I would definitely recommend getting the audio, but if you are like me and the wait is terrible, make sure to get White Trash Zombie Unchained in another format. We don’t have too long to wait for this release. Just until September 5, 2017! I am SO ready for some fun and that is what you’ll get with this series!

About Diana Rowland

Diana Rowland worked as a bartender, a blackjack dealer, a pit boss, a street cop, a detective, a computer forensics specialist, a crime scene investigator, and a morgue assistant, which means that she's seen a lot of weird crap. She won the marksmanship award in her Police Academy class, has a black belt in Hapkido, has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition, and can't rollerblade to save her life.